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  1. Looks good dude, cool wearing someone elses boxers and getting them wet 😏
  2. Totally, cant help but get a boner while i sag either, and if i catch other dudes sagging as well precum wont take long to follow 😏
  3. Well looks like i need to get wet soon and snap some pics! Im gonna post that for sure next time i do.
  4. Love getting wet while sagging! And as always, DAMN Jace those pics are hot!
  5. For sure, it just doesnt hit the same seeing a girl sagging, which is already a rare site. Leave sagging to the guys!
  6. Agreed, this sites a great way to check out some good looking ass on some hot dudes, but i guess for those who are straight they're into checking out the style and clothes out of curiosity rather than the dude wearing them.
  7. That ones hella dope, sagging while soaking wet is a great turn on!
  8. Going shirtless can be hot, especially on a sagger with a nice figure, but i prefer a full clothed sag, leaves something to the imagination and shows off your hot gear.
  9. basketball shorts either free ball or under baggy jeans feel great!
  10. Hot fits on you and your bro Jace! Gotta be super turned on for sagger sex seeing each other looking that dope.
  11. Been really liking G-star jeans for sagging lately, got a few different fits from them and they work great while sagging.
  12. Super turned on by saggers, so that sagger tag team sounds hot man!
  13. Hot Jace! dope fit and the bandana goes great with it.
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