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  1. Thanks and yes I do sag when I cook food in the kitchen.
  2. Thanks and no I never get wet sagging, but maybe I should.
  3. Thanks and yeah the briefs do snug my ass and I thought the sweater went well too.
  4. I think kids should be able to start sagging when they are teenagers maybe 15 or 16 and I wouldn't consider letting kids sag younger than 15. I would also wouldn't let them sag too low.
  5. Anyone have SnapChat?

    1. Youngsagger631


      Yeah, my snaps tasteofcaramel8 if you want it.

    2. tyguy24


      Mine is tdavisfl 

  6. Sagging low though you can't see my boxers.
  7. Thanks they are one of my favorite pair Sure you can touch my ass!
  8. I wear boxer I always have, but maybe I should try boxer briefs sometime.
  9. Name: Tyler or Ty Age : 24 Height : 5'8" Weight : 140lb Style : Relaxed Sexuality : Gay Hobbies : Boys, boxers, computers, internet, video games, basketball location : FL, USA
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