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  1. Full Nike grey, with adidas blue shorts 👊
  2. I wear underwear and shorts under my joggers, and sometimes skinny joggers under my sweatpants. Pretty comfortable tbh.
  3. jm1993

    A Or B?

    Underwear, shorts, jeans Tracksuit sagging or Jean sagging?
  4. Gone for the chav look, Sagging in Adidas tracksuit, with Adidas skinny joggers under.
  5. jm1993


    Hi there! I'm fairly new to this forum and will be updating my profile later on, but here to go: I'm 29, from East Anglia and work on the railway. I was never normally a shy person but the following had knocked my confidence back a lot. I've just come out of an 8 year relationship where I didn't take the news very well. I was off work for 5 weeks and suffered with stress that I didn't even know the human body could take. It was not expected and my ex just said one night that he had been having thoughts for the last few weeks and he just couldn't hack it anymore. Now he's already mov
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