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  1. 18 Cut Think I was 12 A couple of guys at college whose names ellude me This one guy at work called Alex I wouldnt mind giving a good seeing to ^^. A bit of pain (not heavy stuff though) Does stareing a peoples arses count as a fetish?
  2. None, but have been wanting Nipple piercings for YEARS, seriously. Only recently turned 18 and realised that no where nearby does piercings which complicates things ^^
  3. I love surveys ;D Age: 18 Gay Straight or Bi: Gay Race:... Human? (heh kidding, I'm Caucasian) Hometown: High Wycombe Grade: 2nd year in College (I guess the US equivilent would be a Sophomore or something) Clothing What kind of underwear do you wear: Boxer-Briefs with the occasional Boxer What brand do you wear: Tommy Hilfiger Do you wear a jockstrap for anything: No but I totally wish I did What do you wear to swim: Trunks Do you ever freeball?: I assume you mean Commando? if so very rarely What kind of socks to you wear (above or below the ankle): Above Body Are you slim, average, or "bigge
  4. Name: Jonathan (but I prefer Jon or Jonny, Jonathans too formal :/) Age: 18 Height: 6'1" Weight: 12 stone (no clue what that is in lb D=) Style: Boring T-shirts and Jeans ^^ (is that a style?) Sexuality: Gay Hobbies: Taekwondo, Reading Location: Lancashire
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