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    Underwear Survey

    They seem to be going out of style, but I've been an exclusive boxer shorts guy for years, since I was a kid! I have a lot of Fruit of the Loom and Hanes, also have a handful of American Eagle and Old Navy boxers. I have like 3 pairs of boxer briefs that I've worn maybe twice in my life.
  2. SaggingAllDay

    What do you sleep in

    I usually sleep in just my boxer shorts or boxer shorts and a t-shirt year-round.
  3. SaggingAllDay

    Any guy bi or gay?

    I'm 26 and bi! I think I like guys more, though my current relationship is with a girl.
  4. SaggingAllDay

    Bulge placement

    I am an exclusive boxer shorts guy, so mine always hangs down, to the left usually, specifically.
  5. SaggingAllDay

    Vaping / Juuling / Smoking

    Cig smoker here too, about 2 packs a day, sometimes 2 1/2.
  6. SaggingAllDay

    What are you wearing right now?

    Short green t-shirt, blue Old Navy boxer shorts with roosters and toast all over them (one of my favorites, lol) and blue jeans:
  7. SaggingAllDay

    Worst Ways to Sag

    I'd say it's all personal preference! For me specifically though, I don't like seeing saggers sagging with boxer-briefs, briefs, or skinny jeans. For me, it's all about baggy jeans or shorts and big, poofy boxer shorts that your t-shirt rests on the areas that are poofed up especially.
  8. SaggingAllDay

    Smoking Saggers

    1. When and why did you start smoking? 13, friend's brother smoked, stole some from him 2. What are your favorite brands? Marlboro Reds and Camel Filters 3. Do you smoke and sag at the same time? Hell yeah! 4. What type(s) of underwear do you sag in? Boxer shorts
  9. SaggingAllDay

    What Is The Weather Like Where You Are?

    Currently 34 F. Getting almost too damn cold to smoke outside!
  10. SaggingAllDay


    @shirtsaggerThanks! They're one of my favorites!
  11. SaggingAllDay

    What Are You Watching Right Now

    Hey Arnold! One of the best shows ever!
  12. SaggingAllDay


    Love a smoking sagger!
  13. SaggingAllDay


    Boxer shorts definitely do, very rarely do I get horny from seeing briefs or boxer briefs. And I'm probably very much in the minority here, but other than sagging, seeing other guys smoking cigarettes (or me smoking) gets me horny, especially if they're also a sagger.
  14. SaggingAllDay

    The Saggers Survey

    Age: 25 Gay Straight or Bi: Straight, maybe bi tendencies Race: Chinese-American Hometown: Washington state Grade: Still in university Clothing What kind of underwear do you wear: Boxer shorts What brand do you wear: Fruit of the Loom or Hanes Do you wear a jockstrap for anything: No What do you wear to swim: Swimsuit and boxers Do you ever freeball? No What kind of socks to you wear (above or below the ankle): Below the ankle Body Are you slim, average, or "bigger": Probably average Do you have any body hair: Yes - facial (usually shave), arms, armpits, happy trail, pubes, legs, toes Do you have any facial hair: Currently no Do you have any of your body or facial hair: Only shave facial hair Do you trim or shave your pubes: Never Below the Belt When was the last time you had a boner: Right now Do you have one now: See above Do you masterbate: Yeah! When: Usually twice a day, in the morning, and before bed Where: In my bedroom How: Normal What is you favorite way to jerk off: Hard to describe What do you wear to jerk off: Just my boxers and a t-shirt How do you clean up: I just shoot into my boxers or an old t-shirt Have you every masterbated analy: No Fun with Boys or Girls Have you ever jerked in front of another boy: Yeah If not would you: Have you ever jerked in front of a girl: Yeah If not would you: Have you ever masterbated another boy: No If not would you: Maybe Have you ever fingered a girl: Yes If not would you: Have you ever had oral sex with a boy: No Did you give or receive: If not would you: Most likely no Have you ever had oral sex with a girl: No Did you give or recive: If not would you: Probably at some point (If you answer yes to any of these next questions go on to the next part) Have you ever had sex with another boy: No Were you top or bottom: Did you enjoy it: If not would you: Maybe Have you ever had sex with a girl: Yes Did you enjoy it: Yes If not would you: Sex, Sex, and more Sex What is your favorite position: None in particular, just whatever we feel like Do you use protection: No What kind: What is you favorite kind or condom: Have you ever had anal with a girl: No If no would you: No Where have you had sex (mark with an x) Your bed: [X] Your parents bed: [] Your lovers bed: [] The bath: [] The Shower: [X] The floor: [X] The Couch: [X] Outside: [] In a hot tub or pool: [] Where did you lose you virginity: My bedroom when I was 15 Have you ever had sex in public: No Would you: Nope When was the last time you had sex: Last night Did you cum: Yes Did they cum: And last but not least Did this Survey make you horny : Just a bit!
  15. SaggingAllDay

    Boxers vs. Briefs

    Definitely a boxer shorts guy here, since I was 8! I do own like three pairs of boxer briefs, but honestly, I hate them, not enough freedom, not enough cool designs. I wore them for about a week before going back to boxers, I love the looseness and look of boxer shorts.
  16. SaggingAllDay

    Bros: Why do you sag your pants?

    I sag because it feels comfortable to me and I think I look good doing it. I usually sag below my ass.
  17. SaggingAllDay

    What Are You Watching Right Now

    The Golden Girls! One of my favorite shows, glad it's finally streaming on Hulu now.
  18. SaggingAllDay

    Boxers Tight Or Loose

    Definitely loose! I love the feeling of my junk swinging around, I hate tight underwear like boxer-briefs and briefs.
  19. SaggingAllDay

    Some Sagging and Smoking

    Me sagging from the last few days and smoking too.
  20. SaggingAllDay


    From the album: Some Sagging and Smoking

  21. SaggingAllDay


    From the album: Some Sagging and Smoking

    Not sure why these keep uploading upside down. I even tried rotating the original images and reuploading.
  22. SaggingAllDay


    From the album: Some Sagging and Smoking

  23. SaggingAllDay


    From the album: Some Sagging and Smoking

  24. SaggingAllDay


    From the album: Some Sagging and Smoking


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