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  1. My bad! I can honestly count on one hand how many times I've worn boxer briefs in my life! I didn't realize that was the case for them too. I just thought with those you could just position it however felt comfortable and it would stay. With my boxer shorts I can situate it however I want, but it always ends up down and on the left.
  2. For those who wear loose boxer shorts, what way does your junk hang? Mine's always hung down to the left.
  3. Black checkered boxers, blue t-shirt, and AE jeans.
  4. Damn that's such a hot sag, and amazing boxers!
  5. Got some new boxer shorts this week, these are one of my favorite new pairs!
  6. This smoker's got some amazing videos! Wish he'd post again.
  7. I only wear boxer shorts and it's a mixture of Hanes, Fruit of the Loom, and American Eagle. I think I have mostly Hanes though.
  8. Fruit of the Loom boxers and I think Levi’s jeans.
  9. I like pissing myself on occasion. Love the feeling of my warm piss dripping down my boxer shorts. Once or twice I have taken a dump in my boxer shorts too, but way too messy.
  10. I guess I just like the bad boy image. Growing up cussing was greatly frowned on by my family. When I heard my friend use swear words I loved hearing them. From as young as 10 I had quite the potty mouth when around friends or on the playground. Eventually as a preteen and teen I started swearing around my family and at its height swear words probably came up every fourth word or so out of my mouth. Hard to describe, but I just find it sexy and it definitely turns me on.
  11. For me things that get me hard and horny: Boxer shorts Sagging (specifically with boxer shorts) Cussing Smoking (in general, but especially if it's a cute sagger)
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