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  1. I only wear boxer shorts and it's a mixture of Hanes, Fruit of the Loom, and American Eagle. I think I have mostly Hanes though.
  2. Fruit of the Loom boxers and I think Levi’s jeans.
  3. Got out of diapers and moved straight to boxer shorts! They're what I've worn all my life. There was a period of time during middle school that I wore boxer briefs specifically for orchestra performances - the fancy slacks I wore to those were loose and I still got some uncontrollable boners then so wanted boxer briefs to help. After I got those under control I wore boxers no matter what. I'm 29 and I still wear them, I don't own any other kind of underwear.
  4. I like pissing myself on occasion. Love the feeling of my warm piss dripping down my boxer shorts. Once or twice I have taken a dump in my boxer shorts too, but way too messy.
  5. I guess I just like the bad boy image. Growing up cussing was greatly frowned on by my family. When I heard my friend use swear words I loved hearing them. From as young as 10 I had quite the potty mouth when around friends or on the playground. Eventually as a preteen and teen I started swearing around my family and at its height swear words probably came up every fourth word or so out of my mouth. Hard to describe, but I just find it sexy and it definitely turns me on.
  6. For me things that get me hard and horny: Boxer shorts Sagging (specifically with boxer shorts) Cussing Smoking (in general, but especially if it's a cute sagger)
  7. My fetishes are definitely sagging pants, but also boxer shorts. I get hard whenever I see a cute guy wearing boxers, have since I was a kid. Smoking (cigarettes) and seeing guys smoking also turns me on, so does swearing.
  8. He's licked it up. Also once dared each other to drink each other's. Shot our loads into our hands and licked each other's up. His was a little salty and sweet.
  9. From about 4th grade through senior year of high school I played the violin. I do a little piano but mostly one handed (if I try to play with both hands my hands end up doing the same thing as each other after a few seconds). I can't really keep them separate.
  10. I don't often eat my cum, but sometimes have. Used to be pretty sweet, then salty ish. I think due to being a smoker it's become a bit bitter over the years. My friend has tasted my cum a lot and he definitely says it's on the bitter side.
  11. At last count, I think I had 75 pairs of boxer shorts and 1 of boxer briefs. I obviously much prefer boxer shorts!
  12. I get up, have a cigarette or two. Use the toilet then shower and dress. Smoke and drive off to work. That's Monday - Friday. Weekends are the same, except no work!
  13. Because I smoke quite a bit I don't swim as much as I used to, but I would always wear board shorts with my boxer shorts underneath, sagging a bit even as a kid. I love doing it - impossible to cover up a sag when you're shirtless so get to show off a nice low sag all the time!
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