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  1. I know it's so frowned upon now, but I think smoking and sagging is sexy. Here's my info: 1. I do smoke 2. Used to be between Marlboro Reds and Camel Filters, nowadays I'm smoking Newport 100 menthols - used to hate menthols, but hadn't tried them since I was a teen 3. Usually 2 packs a day 4. Daily smoking started around 13
  2. Damn, @Lee249! You're so sexy in boxers. How often do you wear boxers? I'm guessing your collection is light when it comes to loose boxers?
  3. Fruit of the Loom boxer shorts, Wrangler shorts, George t-shirt. Plus Puma socks and I forget brand of shoe lol.
  4. Nice! Yeah love the city building games, can't wait for the sequel to Skylines this October. I mainly read along the lines of Stephen King and Dean Koontz (horror / supernatural). Also John Grisham (legal type fiction, but not boring!)
  5. I've never pulled my pants up when walking near kids or if kids come into view. I do put out my cig or hide it, but that's a different story. Sagging doesn't harm kids.
  6. I love plants too! I've got a small garden this year. Right now just has some cucumbers, watermelon, and strawberries. I'd love to have a large garden someday. I also enjoy reading, cooking, watching TV, and playing Cities: Skylines on the PC.
  7. Mmm, that's so hot. Not normally into boxer briefs, but those look sexy on you.
  8. Currently just wearing my boxers and socks. Please excuse the extra hole on the left - accidentally dropped by cigarette butt on it lol.
  9. Black and white AE flannel boxers, Walmart jeans, and a blue polo shirt:
  10. I definitely love smelling my friend's used boxer shorts from his dirty laundry pile. Love smelling his manly musk. I've also got some of the same boxers he does, so I'll sometimes swap my clean ones for his dirty ones. Feels nice knowing my junk is sitting just where his was sometimes just minutes before, and they're still warm. I sag around him and he never realizes I sometimes am sagging his dirty boxers. I love finding his pubes in there and sometimes find dried bits of cum. Here are a few pics of me sagging in his dirty boxers over the years:
  11. To each their own. I find them way more comfy than any other underwear. Better looking sag in my opinion too, baggier keeps the shirts constantly above my boxers so my boxers / sag is always very visible.
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