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  1. What is your most liked picture?

    What is your most liked picture? I would like to know what is your most liked pic. Mine is from my 2. album "In my white Calvins" I've got 10 likes on that. Show me your pic!
  2. Just some pics :)

    Hey dude. Fed sagging. Smid lige en privat besked, så kan vi skrive der!
  3. Black skinny ripped jeans

    Fedteste album jeg har set længe. Så varmt!! Vi må snart skyde nogle billeder sammen dude!
  4. Help me sagging lower

    Thanks for the support.! I will think more about my chrisma and how I present my sag And I've gotta get some big hoodies too
  5. Help me sagging lower

    I've will try that
  6. Help me sagging lower

    Hey guys I've been sagging for a couple of months now. I've sag about 5-10 cm down to my ass and I want to go lower. Probably half way or lower. Any tips. I am Scared of getting big attention but I'm sure that I can do it. Any tips?
  7. IMG-0501.jpg

  8. What are you wearing right now?

    Lovely pics m8
  9. 580d265e6d2b8-Fotografiden23-10-2016kl-22-032.jpg

  10. 580d265f386fa-Fotografiden23-10-2016kl-22-052.jpg

    Normaly i sag that low! you think it's too low?
  11. Fotografi den 23-10-2016 kl. 22.03.jpg

    Yes it is!
  12. 580d266eb4853-4pr.arkden23-10-2016kl-22.0417(kompileret).jpg

  13. In my white Calvins

  14. My first pictures

    Here is some of my first pictures. I would like to share them with you guys. Enjoy

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