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  1. If someone wants to see me live. Add my:

    Skype: KBH-drengen

    KIK: Benjamin_woaw

    1. saggerprince


      If you actually respond

      Skype: saggato24

      Kik: saggato

  2. I was 14-15 years old when I started sagging and I was 15 and a half when I started to sag in public.
  3. Hey there, How many of you are on Instagram? -I decided to join the forum at the weekend, so I'm new.
  4. I’ve just brought my first longline tee. How should I style it? #helpmestylesaggers
  5. Okay, I tried.. sry my english. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Speaker: On a school in West Jutland, can't be bothered to look at students ' underwear, looked at the Hjerting school has the that determines that especially the boys get pulled up in his pants 
Speaker: The problems starts here. Student: such, so they sit where they should Speaker: not so much from jakob Jessen from 7. class, as for his teach
  6. They Said “ in a School in a smal City in Denmark They dont want the guys to sag” and then They show off How much They sag and then the rector shows when how much they are allowed to sag And then of the boys yelled “ sagging for ever”
  7. What is your most liked picture? I would like to know what is your most liked pic. Mine is from my 2. album "In my white Calvins" I've got 10 likes on that. Show me your pic!
  8. Thanks for the support.! I will think more about my chrisma and how I present my sag And I've gotta get some big hoodies too
  9. Hey guys I've been sagging for a couple of months now. I've sag about 5-10 cm down to my ass and I want to go lower. Probably half way or lower. Any tips. I am Scared of getting big attention but I'm sure that I can do it. Any tips?
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