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  1. Let’s smoke some 420 stuff together

  2. around 1:10 is hot, but the snooker scenes are mega hot too, he sagg low with cool boxerbrif :
  3. some other explanation there : But this phrase looks total BS to me : " Plus dramatiques que l'interdiction, les dommages physiques occasionnés par le vêtement. Comme il faut écarter les jambes pour maintenir le pantalon qui tombe, le dos se creuse et les fesses se rentrent. Sans compter les problèmes de dos, de hanches, mais aussi d'érection, provoqués par une ceinture trop serrée, car beaucoup trop basse." "More dramatic than the ban, the physical damage caused by the clothing. As it is necessary to spread the legs to maintain the falling pants, the bac
  4. this is not right ! statistically the average for soft is between 7 to 10 centimeters (2.8 to 3.9 inches). So it is not really small !!
  5. They stopped the brand a few years ago 😕 https://www.drapersonline.com/danish-streetwear-brand-humr-axed/5076087.article
  6. I have a pair that goes down all the time and I wear it without a belt, with holes in the knees, and I feel hot in it so it gets me pretty excited
  7. Last+minute+:+is+anyone+in+Oslo+tonight+or+tomorrow+night,+and+up+for+sagging,+beers+and+what+not+?+Last+minute+I+know,+but+who+knows+?+PM+or+Kik+me+! 

  8. = Lowered loading edge ? funny and hot double-sense too, right ?
  9. I think it's good to do it if your forskin is tight and hurts. Hurting is never good and ruins your sex life. I know a few guys who did it adults too and they said it change everyting !
  10. I know it was years ago, but how this situations ended in the end ?
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