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  1. bornin1983nl

    jeans with rips and holes

    Sounds amazingly hot. Do you have some pics to share?
  2. bornin1983nl

    jeans with rips and holes

    They look great. Do you have more pics of you wearing them?
  3. bornin1983nl

    Skinny jean sagging

    Thnx guys. Do you also have pics to share?
  4. bornin1983nl

    Skinny jean sagging

    This is how I like to wear my skinny jeans. The hottest is to wear them freeballing. They are low rise, so i cant pull them higher.
  5. bornin1983nl

    Handsfree orgasm?

    Sounds hot! I sometimes can come when dancing with an hot lad, without touching my **** with my hands.
  6. bornin1983nl


    My most favourite swim wear is a boardshort, freeballing and sagging. I love to sag them with some butt crack showing and pubes in front.
  7. bornin1983nl

    Advice needed for my party outfit

    I choose For The red dungarees, had a great hot and steamy party, and went home with a nice lad. Thnx guys for you're advice!
  8. bornin1983nl

    Advice needed for my party outfit

    Fl386fun, i also wish that the jeans bib had a deeper split, but couldn't find one with a deeper split . I made some new pictures for you, what do you think?: Dungarees with the black and white shirt: Dungarees with some other shirts:
  9. bornin1983nl

    Advice needed for my party outfit

    Hey Liam and Nick, thanx for you're reply and advice. Good to hear that you like some of the outfits! I'm also interested in the opinion of other people on this forum!
  10. This Saturday I'm going to a gay party (http://www.flirtevents.nl/rebel/)and i need you're advice on my outfit. Maybe you can help, which one you would suit me fine, please vote! If you have another suggestions or advice i would like if you comment. Thanks in advantage for you're reaction! Torn jeans with pink boxershort Skinny jeans with sideless shirt Rufskin pants with wife beater Red skinny jeans with holes Red jeans with black and white shirt Red dungarees (freeballing) Jeans bib overalls (freeballing)
  11. bornin1983nl

    ALS Challenge

    Very hot vid, wetwetnl!
  12. bornin1983nl

    Blue ass

    Hot sag indeed, saw some glimps of c*ck in the boxers at the front!
  13. bornin1983nl

    Sideless Shirt

    They're very hot!
  14. bornin1983nl

    Enzo Knol

    He's hot!
  15. bornin1983nl

    How Straigt/gay Are You?

    i'm also a 6

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