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  1. Hey guys! For the last two days I posted pics of me in my American Eagle boxerbriefs. I got so horny from taking the pictures that I had a great jerkoff afterwards. Would you like to see pictures like these everyday? Any tips or suggestions to make my pics better? Let me know what you think. Thanks Guys 😉

    1. 4040fantom


      Love the pics. Keep making more please

    2. CaptainPanther


      Nothing to be sorry for if I don't bash one out at least twice a day I became s grizzly bear two things I can't do without in s day coffee and **** lol

  2. I'm in my early 40s but at the end of the day I always have a wet spot in my underwear! I guess I walk around and precum and without realizing it.
  3. Jace, your pictures are always hot! You look amazing soaking wet and you have a great ass! 😘
  4. I agree with others, let's see you soaking wet Ryan
  5. I love getting my clothes wet!! 😁
  6. Not me. Only guys sagging for me! I don't want to see girls sagging 🤮
  7. Without a doubt! I'm don't want to see no womans ass. Give me a cute guy with a hot ass!
  8. No, I just was saying to not complain because he is answering old posts. People were getting annoyed because he is replying to posts that are several years old. Of course his answer makes no sense though.
  9. He just joined, guys. I think it's cool to hear his thoughts on the subjects. I say he should keep doing what he's doing
  10. Can't see the pic. Says error code
  11. When can we see new pics of you SaggerMatt?
  12. Not as often as I did before. In my early 40s and I guess your urges slow down. Now I jerk about once a week
  13. Onlyfans page would be great but I'd like to see wet videos of you and another guy, not just pictures. You are so hot, Jace! 😘
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