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  1. SaggersRhot

    What Is The Weather Like Where You Are?

    The weather is crazy near Philly the last few days. Lastnight it snowed but today it was sunny and 50° tomorrow night is supposed to snow again and on the weekend its going to be almost 60°
  2. I don't know how to feel tonight. Lastnight the company I work for had a massive layoff with out any warning. Almost 50% of the workers were given permanent layoff. I was in the group that was laidoff. The company is paying 3 months wages to give time to get a new job. I was there for almost 23 years and this is how I am appreciated? 

    1. TheOther1


      That sucks big time! Sorry to hear it :(

    2. lo2go


      Ouch!  I know the feelings, hurt and all the rest: I've walked the proverbial mile in those moccasins.  Going to PM you some thoughts . .  and stuff.   Condolences . . and more . .

  3. SaggersRhot

    A Or B?

    Pants and underwear down. Skype sex or phone sex?
  4. SaggersRhot

    A Or B?

    Going out with dildo up ass Jer k yourself off or Jer k someone else off?
  5. SaggersRhot

    A Or B?

    Foreplay Grunge or water
  6. SaggersRhot

    A Or B?

    Receive in the ass Kissing or foreplay
  7. SaggersRhot

    A Or B?

    Shower in a group BJ love to give or love to receive
  8. SaggersRhot

    A Or B?

    Compression shorts Shower naked or shower in boxerbriefs
  9. Happy New Year Everyone! 2020!

    1. Lee249


      Happy New Year buddy 😀

  10. SaggersRhot

    Christmas theme boxerbriefs

    Wearing these today
  11. SaggersRhot

    Christmas theme boxerbriefs

    Wearing these now
  12. SaggersRhot

    Christmas theme boxerbriefs

  13. SaggersRhot

    Foto 2019-11-28 10 35 50.jpg

    Looks hot
  14. Anyone interested in getting together for a few days of wet clothes and sagging at the beach in South New Jersey?

  15. Just uploaded 2 new pics! More pics coming soon! Look for them as soon as they are approved. Showing off my American Eagle Christmas Boxerbriefs


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