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  1. Those shorts are nice and that underwear looks great on you! Nice round bulge 😍
  2. Are you up for skype?

    1. Astg94


      I wish, but I can’t handle it with my parents at home… had bad situations last year. Sorry. I’ll let you know when I’m up for it.

  3. You should try it! It's fun! Feels great! Let us know if you try it and what you think
  4. There is spray powder by a few different companies. It helps with sweaty balls and legs and ass still gets wet from back sweat. Just spray more down your underwear when you are alone from time to time to stay dry on your balls and legs. They have it scented or unscented.
  5. No! I don't want to see girls sagging! Guys look amazing sagging! Makes me so horny! Girls sagging, I don't want to see that
  6. So go piss in your pants! You will love it! It's fun and feels good.
  7. I'm not into pissing in my mouth or anyone else's but I do like to piss in my underwear and then shower in them. I also like laying in the bathtub wearing a t shirt and pissing on my chest. Never did it with another guy though. The secret is to drink alot of water before you want to piss on yourself. Then your piss is clear. It has no smell and just feels like warm water. Clear piss is safe to drink ( I don't do that though) so it's not gross like some guys are into poop. That's nasty!
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