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  1. I like seeing guys sagging too. I love seeing a nice round butt and a nice p***s bulge in his pants. I love seeing what brand of underwear he is wearing.
  2. Do you ever take pics when you get wet? It's always fun to see dry then wet
  3. Did you take any new wet pics lately?

    1. theswede92


      Yes a few weeks ago

  4. I saw a cute sagger today walking down the street. He was wearing a white tshirt, chocolate brown cargo shorts and white boxerbriefs. Sagging just above mid ass. 

    1. SaggerMichael


      did you get any pics

    2. SaggersRhot


      Unfortunately, No. I first was suprised to see him so I went around the block to try to get a picture but he was walking into a store then. Hopefully I'll see him again and can get a pic.

  5. What do you wear swimming?
  6. I completely agree about tight boxerbriefs! That's all I wear
  7. The supermarket workers at Walmart do sag alot I took notice but other stores don't allow it so I guess it just depends on the store.
  8. When you start your job, they will tell you the dress code as well as some places dress code also says about piercings and visible tattoos. They will tell you what color/type of pants and shoes are acceptable as well as (most likely) a store shirt and will tell you if it can be worn tucked in or untucked.
  9. Now that I'm getting older, sagging is not a everyday thing anymore. Typically about my waistband showing now is mostly it. I have not composed any music but I like playing old pieces from the Civil War to around 1930. My favorite piece to play is the Maple Leaf Rag. I also like playing Pomp and Circumstance and The Entertainer.
  10. I enjoy playing the piano, train photography and rides, listening to music, watching youtube videos, texting with friends, taking scenic drives
  11. Florescent green American Eagle Flex boxerbriefs, tight gray nylon mesh shorts and a Philadelphia Phillies jersey
  12. Wear them in the shower
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