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  1. Do you still get wet? Why don't you post more pics?

  2. Why did you stop posting wet pics? I wish you would post pics and videos again!

  3. You still get wet? I wish you would post more pics

  4. I wish you would post your wet pics again! It's been way too long without any new pics!

  5. I lost my job recently and have been crying and depressed since. I start a new job today but it's not the same. I absolutely loved my job but I had other people tell me that the boss was thinking I wanted to take his job. I thought they were crazy but I guess maybe they were right and they saw something I didn't see. I feel so disgusted now.

    1. Lee249


      So sorry to hear this sweetie. Starting over again is like a refresher course. You'll soon become aquatinted with it. Stay strong! Forget what happend before 🥰 x

    2. SaggersRhot


      Thank You! I hope this new job last a long time. I met alot of new coworkers today and everyone was so friendly. Thank you for your encouragement, that means alot. 

    3. skatesagman


      Hang in there !

  6. Hey there everyone! Does anyone have suggestions for pictures of me you would like to see? Feel free to message me if you ever want to chat.

  7. 13 years on here without anything? Why???

  8. Hi. Welcome! How old are you?

  9. 10 years on here without anything? 

    1. Lee249


      What are you after dude? Thanks 

    2. SaggersRhot


      It just is weird that someone would join the site 10 years ago and still have never posted anything. What's the point to have a profile on here and not participate in anything.

  10. I love jerking off with a guy on skype! It's so hot! 

    1. Lee249


      I bet you don't minds ropes of ductape? Hehe 






    2. SaggersRhot


      Never tried it but it sounds hot😘

  11. I'm feeling bad now. I have a great job that I LOVE but it's our very slow time until April so I'm struggling to pay my bills now.

    1. zach_27


      Sorry to hear about that, I do hope you can make ends meet until then

    2. Lee249


      Sorry to hear this too! Can you get help from friends or family just to tide you over? Like a temporary loan to get back on your feet x 

  12. I'm wearing briefs today instead of my usual boxerbriefs and I keep getting hard when I walk. I think I'm going to get in the shower wearing them and jerk off

    1. 4040fantom


      Ohh can i see

    2. jonquestor


      That’s hot. What briefs?  Sagged in them too?

    3. SaggersRhot


      They were gray Hanes briefs. I had green basketball shorts sagging almost mid ass. I ended up jerking off and shooting a load in them and then I wore them in the shower to clean up. It was great!!

  13. How's it going guys? Did anyone get new underwear for Christmas? 

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    2. Emohotboy


      Neither I must go to Walmart to buy new boxers. Did you get some boxers for Xmas?

    3. G_unit


      i got bjorn borg underwears but now i want more of that good stuff(and i mean brands underwears)


    4. SaggersRhot


      I wanted to get some new American Eagle boxerbriefs and I checked their site and they are almost $17 for one pair! I couldn't believe that. I used to pay $12 a pair and that was crazy but now $17!!! No thanks. I guess I have to find another brand. What I liked about AE is the bright colors and many fun patterns. Anyone know another good brand that are not so expensive and are easy to get in the U.S.A

  14. I'm so horny today!

  15. Nice! The purple underwear looks great on you!
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