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  1. Tan tshirt, gold and1 basketball shorts and pink American Eagle boxerbriefs
  2. Was feeling horny all night so today before work so I decided to ride my dildo! It felt great! 😉

    1. DaddySagger


      I love to ride my dildo

  3. Hi guys. Did you ever notice that jeans in America have a zip fly but jeans in European countries have button flys? Anyone know why?
  4. How come you don't post new pics anymore?

    1. jace


      Jace is jus busy AF.    A lot been going,   Found a hott wet 18 YO sagger who lives just around the block.  Will be getting busy wit him in a minute.  Just got lots of bf's juggling atm

    2. jace


      Let me see what I gots





  5. I hope you will post a album of pics from this wet fun! I'd love to see more and see what your friend is wearing also
  6. I was talking about DeusBex. He is in the UK
  7. I love that name. It sounds great! I don't think they are available in the US though.
  8. Check your messages. I messaged you in July

  9. What's up guys! Anyone have Valentine's Day underwear? Maybe something with hearts on? Post pics of your Valentine's Day underwear so we can all see what you wore for the man in your life
  10. Yes, he actually did that on his own. The Judge told him to sit down and she wanted to talk with him but while he was waiting he decided to take off his pants all on his own. That's why he is so stupid. Watch the video again and listen to what the Judge is saying
  11. They did not order him to take his pants off, they ordered him to pull them up. He took his pants off on his own. They is why he was arrested for Contemp of Court
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