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  1. SaggersRhot

    Boxer Briefs and leg length

    If you want nice boxer briefs I suggest American Eagle. That is what I wear. They come in 3inch which is almost like briefs. They have 6inch which is standard. They also have 9inch which is long. I wear the 6inch. 9 inch almost goes to your knee and feels too long. Also the flex boxerbriefs they have are great. Alittle tighter on your leg but a spandex material which feels awesome.
  2. SaggersRhot

    Vid of you sagging

    Yes, that would be awesome.
  3. SaggersRhot

    Vid of you sagging

    Would you consider making a video of you sagging and getting wet in your sag?
  4. SaggersRhot

    Wet Underwear Pics

    What's up guys! I would love would love to see some pics of you in your underwear soaking wet. Let's see you wearing nothing other then your boxerbriefs or boxers and get them soaking wet. There are alot of wet sagging pics on this site but not many (if any at all) that the guy is just wearing underwear alone. Usually wearing other clothes with them. Come on guys. Let us see your pics of you in wet underwear. There is nothing hotter then a guy in wet boxerbriefs or boxer shorts. Have fun guys. Hope to see alot of pics. Thanks Guys and Stay Wet!!!
  5. SaggersRhot

    Any guy bi or gay?

    39 gay here
  6. SaggersRhot


    Sexy!! Can I feel that
  7. SaggersRhot

    How Straigt/gay Are You?

    I'm a 6 but I'm straight acting and I like straight acting guys
  8. SaggersRhot

    Men's butts

    Are these pics of you? You should make more like this. Very hot
  9. SaggersRhot


    I like your ass. Nice shorts. Wish I could grab that ass.
  10. SaggersRhot

    Men's butts

    Yeah. I like seeing guys sagging and looking at the ass. Often wish I could go over and feel it. A nice ass is awesome.
  11. Hope all the gay saggers had a Happy Valentine's Day. 

  12. SaggersRhot

    Valentine's Day Underwear

    Whats up guys. First, I'd like to wish all the gay saggers on here a Happy Valentine's Day. What underwear did you wear on Valentine's Day? Today I wore red American Eagle metalic boxerbriefs. What did you wear?
  13. SaggersRhot

    Unbutton/unzip pants when you take them off?

    I just undo my belt and let my pants fall to the floor.
  14. Do you have any pics of you and your bf sagging together?
  15. SaggersRhot

    Guys with a small p***s

    It doesnt matter. If you like fat guys then he could be fat. If you like thin guys he could be that. Was just seeing if a big di*k is everything that guys look for or if you get to know the guy first

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