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  1. Anymore wet pics comming soon, Jace?
  2. Did you take any pictures?
  3. I piss in my pants and I like to shower in my clothes! I get so hard when I get my clothes wet! Can't help but jerk off then.
  4. To all the members in the United Kingdom, my condolences on the loss of Queen Elizabeth II. She was a remarkable woman and I was surprised to hear that she was Queen for 70 years. 

    Your Friend in the USA



  5. I haven't woke up with a boner for a long time now. I also don't jerk as much like I used to a few years ago.
  6. Yeah, the lights can do that but your legs are still beautiful! A man should have hair on his legs. Afterall, if we didn't like hairy legs, then we wouldn't be gay! I loved your pics in your underwear with the clocks on. You are very cute!
  7. Thanks for following me. You have nice pics. You should post more

    1. thhlua123


      Thanks man:) pm u

  8. I only have two kinds of shoes, a left and a right! 😆
  9. I agree with you. I think it's hot when a guy sags just about his package so he has a nice bulge in his pants and mid to 3/4 down the ass is perfect. Love seeing a nice ass. Above package and mid ass is perfect! I think it looks ridiculous when a guy's belt is on his legs because his pants are so low. They look like their legs are 1 foot long and they can't walk. Then they wear a super way too long shirt and it looks like a little kid wearing his dad's clothes! 😆
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