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  1. SaggersRhot

    Finding a sagger boyfriend

    I would LOVE a sagger boyfriend!!! I'm 39 and I don't sag much anymore but I still love seeing other guys sagging. I wish I had a boyfriend and if he was a sagger it would be a hughe bonus. There are not many saggers in my area anymore. It seems to be fading out where I live. I love seeing guys sagging. I think it is super hot and would love a boyfriend who would sag for me and maybe get me back into sagging my jeans again.
  2. Hey guys. Just uploaded my first pic. Going to upload 1 pic a day. Its my American Eagle boxerbriefs. Let me know what you think

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    2. TheOther1


      All pictures have been approved. If you can't see them maybe try reuplooading 

    3. SaggersRhot


      I can see my pictures but then below it says no pics have been added to my album? This is the first time I'm trying to post my pics. Is there something I'm doing wrong that is causing this problem. A picture I posted yesterday took 10hrs to show up?

    4. TheOther1


      It looked like you had a gallery but the pictures weren't part of the album but just part of the description. Try do it agaih. 

  3. SaggersRhot

    American Eagle boxer briefs

  4. Today I got to suck Di*k for the first time ever. It was amazing feeling it in my mouth. Then I was sucked back for the first time ever also and that was amazing!!!! 

  5. SaggersRhot

    Wet clothes

    Yes! I LOVE to get wet in my clothes. Like to shower or swim in clothes. Nothing better then the feeling of wet jeans!
  6. I'm so excited. Today I touched my first di*k of another guy!! It felt great.

    1. lo2go
    2. CJS90
    3. Lee249


      Congrats! Next challenge is to get your lips around one :D

  7. SaggersRhot


    I like to play with myself while I'm wearing jeans then unzip and lube up and have fun. I like to shoot into my boxerbreifs and then wear them the rest of the day and then shower in them at night. Feels great and it's a lot of fun!
  8. SaggersRhot


    Jace you got more new wet vids on umd? you are amazing! hmu
  9. SaggersRhot

    Gay skype sessions

    Hi How old are you?
  10. SaggersRhot

    Skype with me?

    wetsagger is my skype
  11. SaggersRhot

    Pierced ears and earrings

    I have my ear pierced. Got my left ear done about 12 years ago when I was on vacation. I always wanted to do it and I just decided to do it when I was on vacation for the fun of it. I wish I could of got my gay ear (right) pierced but my family doesn't know I'm gay so I could only get the left ear done
  12. SaggersRhot

    Need help dealing with being gay

    Hi Guys. Thanks for stopping and reading this. I'm writing this because I'm 36 and gay. I have very religious parents and they are against gay people. They think being gay is wrong and against the Bible. I'm gay without any doubt but I need to hide my feelings from my parents and my family because I feel they would not love me anymore if they knew I'm gay. Because of this, I have never had a boyfriend or even any gay friends. I would like to find a guy for me but I don't know how to do it without anyone finding out about me. I don't think it is fair to the guy I'd be with to have to be hiding all the time whenever I was out so no one that I know would see me. What do you think I should do? I was hoping to make some gay friends on here who I could talk with via texting or kik for support. I hate that I have to feel this way. Is there anyone else who has the same situation as I do? I would love to have a special guy in my life to spend time with and do things with but I feel that I must stay single and alone just to keep my parents happy and so they still love me. They talk about gay people as being wrong and say that they would be ashamed if a family member was gay. What they don't know is that I'm gay and the things they say and the way they feel is hurting me deep inside.

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