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  1. SaggersRhot


    That's cool as long as your not wearing girls clothes. I like when a guy tells me what he wants. It makes me so horny
  2. SaggersRhot


    Nothing is wrong. You can still sag and enjoy anything sexual. It doesn't matter.
  3. SaggersRhot

    I wish I had a sixpack

    I'm not looking for a six pack I'd just like a nice stomach and waist. I lost 75lbs now but my stomach just hangs down now from being fat. I want to lose 25lbs more but I think I would need surgery to remove the extra skin now.
  4. For me I don't really have any pants or jeans that make me horny. I like when I get new boxerbriefs and wear them sagging. I get so horny knowing that other guys can see my underwear. I just like the feeling that my underwear is showing and I hope that guys are checking me out.
  5. Hi. How old? Where from?

  6. SaggersRhot

    I wish I had a sixpack

    Let's see how you are to start.
  7. SaggersRhot


    Very sexy
  8. SaggersRhot


    Great pic
  9. SaggersRhot


    Very nice
  10. SaggersRhot


    Ohh those cheeks
  11. SaggersRhot

    Does any sagger have Instagram?

    Sorry I dont have instagram but I have skype
  12. I got together with a hot sagger today I met online. We went in the woods and he left me take some pics of him sagging. He wore white t shirt red bball shorts and red and white boxershorts. Black hat and white sneakers. Asked if I could feel his sag and he said I could! I took pics and he said he was never with a guy before and asked if I would give him a bj! I of course said YES! He loved it.

  13. SaggersRhot

    Satin/silk boxer recommendations

    I know Walmart here in the USA have silk boxers on sale around Valentine's Day. I see them every year. I don't know if they have them all year or not. There is also a big old department store close to me that sells silk boxers all year. My first job was at that store so I know they still have them.
  14. Tried to send you a mesage but it says you cant get messages?

    1. Lee249


      Hi @SaggersRhoti haven't been into my inbox yet since returning. Please bare with me mate. I'll be up and running with it again soon 👍 I do apologise, Lee 


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