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  1. SaggersRhot

    What are you wearing right now?

    Nice sounding undies. Wish we could see.
  2. SaggersRhot

    What do I do?

    Without knowing your situation completely, it's hard to tell you what to do. I will just tell you some advice, this is just what I can say. First, being a young bisexual (I think you said you are) man, you are going to have to figure out who you really are and what you like and don't like. It seems like alot of guys your age (17) say they are bisexual. I think that is because you haven't found who you really are yet. It seems like most guys who say that are bisexual later discover that they are actually gay. Once you figure out if you are straight, bisexual or gay then go from there. Be honest to yourself. If you are gay that is fine. Just be comfortable with your sexuality whatever you decide. Go with what you really feel inside. If you get with a guy and love it then you are gay. If you are with a girl and like it then you are straight. If you are not sure then be with a girl and be with a guy and see which you like best and feel most comfortable with. Once you know for sure if you are straight, bi or gay then go from there. The hardest part is finding out who you really are. Once you know for sure, be comfortable with your sexuality.
  3. SaggersRhot

    What are you wearing right now?

    Sounds nice. Wish we could see
  4. SaggersRhot

    What are you wearing right now?

    Looking good! Love your sag!
  5. SaggersRhot

    Pierced ears and earrings

    Did you just get your ears pierced? Did you get one or both ears done? What did you get to start?
  6. SaggersRhot

    What is your favorite colour?

    I only wear boxerbriefs. Color I don't really think is important when I'm buying a pair. I like bright colors and nice patterns. I like my underwear to stand out and be easy to see.
  7. SaggersRhot

    Pierced ears and earrings

    I got a diamond stud recently and I love it. Alot of people noticed it on me.
  8. SaggersRhot

    Goodbye Wackywet?

    Awesome! Can we see some wet pics? What do you like to get wet wearing most?
  9. NEW pics are posted guys! This time it's me sagging AE bright green spandex boxerbriefs, white t-shirt and gold AND1 basketball shorts. I was feeling horny so I'm showing more of myself. I was close to 400lbs at one time but I lost alot of weight and I'm still losing weight. My stomach sags from being so heavy so please be kind with your comments. Tell me what you think and should I take pictures of me more often?

  10. SaggersRhot

    Goodbye Wackywet?

    Do you like getting your clothes wet Denimsag?
  11. SaggersRhot

    Goodbye Wackywet?

    That site I didn't think was any good. I used to like swimmingfullyclothed.com better. Does anyone know any other wet clothes websites?
  12. Hey Guys!

    My new pics are now posted. I got it right this time. Hope you like the new pics! Let me know if you have any ideas for pictures you would like to see. Thanks

  13. SaggersRhot

    Won't be active for a while

    I'm sorry to hear about your loss. I hope things get better for you over time.
  14. SaggersRhot


    Nice sag

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