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  1. Hey Guys! We need some more people to take the survey.
  2. No. I have the same problem on a few apps I was using to. Everyone just want sex but not a relationship. I know how frustrated you feel. I actually started thinking that maybe I should just forget about finding a guy and just stay single and lonely.
  3. Saw a cute guy sagging today. I was driving home and a few blocks from my house I saw a cute guy wearing a brown hoodie ( I didn't take notice what brand) he was wearing black jeans and gray boxerbriefs. His jeans were just below his ass. I got a nice view of his round ass! His hoodie was covering his front so I couldn't see his front sag. I went around the block and I was hoping to see him again and I wanted to tell him that I liked his sag but he went into a house before I got to talk to him. I hope I'll see him again sometime so I can talk with him.

    1. Lee249


      Sounds hot. Did you speak to him? Thanks. 

    2. SaggersRhot


      No. I went back around the block to talk with him but he went into a house before I came around. Hopefully I'll see him again. 

  4. Hey guys! So, I took notice from pics and videos I watch that is seems like most guys in the USA are circumcised while most guys in other countrys are not. What country are you from and are you circumcised or not? Let's see if the pattern is really true
  5. Yeah, I have alot to. I buy them more then the cotton ones.
  6. Yeah, I love the AE flex boxerbriefs! I'm wearing them now. Black with silver diamonds on them. I love how the fabric feels!
  7. American Eagle has the 9inch boxerbriefs. I have several pair and they feel great!
  8. I agree. Plus, what's the point of wearing underwear, shorts and TWO pair of pants? He must look like he's wearing a snowsuit everyday! 😆
  9. I totally agree. I love seeing a round ass in boxerbriefs! It's all about the underwear!
  10. When will you post pictures? I'd love to see you

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