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  1. I have a couple :)

    First, it's always worth having a text channel with community guidelines/rules/etc. in. Lock it down so that only admins can post in the channel just so the rules don't get burried.

    Second, I've noticed the trivia bot used a bit, and while some may find it fun, it would probably be better for all users to restrict the trivia bot to its own dedicated channel. That way people not interested in the trivia can turn notifications off for that particular channel.

    Hope this helps ;)

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    On 1/3/2019 at 1:15 PM, TheOther1 said:

    Edit: seems like if you enable 2 factor authentication they don't do this IP checking.. But I'm not sure where you get the authentication code from, so it's probably just as a nuisance as verifying via email. 

    Use a 2-factor authentication app such as Google Authenticator.

  3. Earlier today I was meeting with some old course-mates from my university (Americans read: college) days. All of a sudden a couple of strangers walked up to our table, said "those have got to be the best pair of boxers I've seen in a while, awesome sag man." and just walked off.

    I just said thank you and joined in the laughter with everyone else.

    P.S. This isn't really a story but close enough :)

    2016-09-22 14.34.23.jpg

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  4. Hi,


    I'm totally useless at this sort of thing, so I'm hoping one of you will be able to help me out.


    I'm looking for a canvas belt, 42-46" waist, probably something similar to the attached image. I'm not too fussed about style but want something that works with navy and grey jeans

    I need to be able to order it online, and shipping to the UK is a must (obviously). I have a budget of up to £30 but would prefer to keep it as low as possible.


    I look forward to your recommendations :)




  5. So I had a fun little adventure today. I was in London to attend a meeting at Parliament, but I'm not here to talk about that. It was merely the context for my fun today, which happened on the Tube on my way back from Westminster to Paddington. Picture the scene, Baker Street station, I have to change from the Jubilee line to the Bakerloo line. Doing so means I have to traverse about 4 different escalators to ascend and descend, and about a kilometres worth of tunnels to walk through. Now picture me walking through those tunnels, to help with this I've uploaded an album.


    I got to around 5 meters down the first tunnel, when I noticed someone stopped just in front of me, pulling his phone out of his pocket. I passed him, but as I did I noticed his head swivel to watch me go by, at which point he started walking again, about 5 paces behind me. As I boarded the escalator going down, I looked behind me to see if he was still there.


    Now as someone who has taken my fair share of candid pics (you can see all those albums too), I knew his phone was at just the right angle for him to be taking photos of me. I'm very shy in public, particularly in places I am unfamiliar with, so I said nothing. I just turned around, adjusted the sag so it was resting comfortably underneath the curviture of my buttocks, then lifted up my shirt and hoodie at the back, pretending to scratch my back.


    At the end of tunnels, I boarded the first train that came in, and this person boarded the same carriage as me. He sat in the row next to me, but head facing me, with his feet on the other seat in his row. I could see out of the corner of my that he still had his phone in his hand, and in just the right position to take photos of me between his legs.


    At this point, I was completely certain he was trying to appear inconspicuous but at the same time entirely fixated on me. There's something very arrousing about being fixated on in such a manner, and throughout that tube ride I had an erection forming. As I stood up to get off the tube, I put my satchel on around my shoulders. Doing so caused my shirt to rise up and my erection to poke out. I hastily tucked the erection back inside my jeans and pulled the shirt back down, so as not to distress other pasengers. As the doors opened I took one look at the chap, who was still sat there (I guess continuing to try to appear inconspicuous), smiled at him and stepped off the tube.


    Thats where this story ends.


    Notes to moderators: I'm a little unclear of the rules, if you feel this needs to go in the 18+ Stories forum, please move it at your discretion.

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  6. I'm generally quite a quiet member here on SW, but I'm an avid visitor, and still tend to visit once, twice (maybe more) per day. As such, I doubt any of you would know that I have autism, a lifelong disability that affects my social and communication skills. Unfortunately, typing is my only method of communicating, in public I find it impossible to speak, and struggle to get around day after day.


    Its estimated that one in four will experience some kind of mental health problem during any year, whether it be depression, anxiety issues, to the more severe end where I sit on. That's 240 out of the 961 members SW has. Mental health problems are common - but nearly nine out of ten people who experience them say they face stigma and discrimination as a result. This can be even worse than the symptoms themselves.


    It's #TimetoTalk about mental health. Find out about what you can do to help at time-to-change.org.uk.




    P.S. Apologies if this seems like an advertisement, I simply want to share something that affects me daily and means a lot to me.

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  7. Fun video ^^

    I wasn't sure whether or not to post this clip as he looks about 16 or 17.

    If it's posted on YouTube by the maker then it's on his onus if it gets shared in places like this (Google provides plenty of privacy options in case you want to restrict view).

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