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    Been a sagger for half my life. Normally sagging below ass. Always looking to meet new people.
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  1. Please check your Discord DMs buddy 😉

  2. @animorphus thanks tons. I can't wait to chat again fella xx 

  3. Had a great day sagging round London with a friend.

    1. DeusBex


      I can be in London if anyone is ever interested

  4. You're simply one of the most amazing guys! Will ring you over the weekend. Luv ya x 

    1. Lee249


      @animorphus when are you available dude would love to have a natter? Cheers 👌

    2. animorphus


      Available any time matey

  5. Ah man I loved these videos, I can still picture scenes from them in my head. @TheOther1 can we persuade you to trawl facebook again to find them? 😋
  6. Hi Ben, I haven't forgotten will be in touch mate. Speak soon x 

    1. animorphus


      Can’t wait 🥰

  7. Hi Ben,

    Hope you're doing good sweetie. Will PM you x 


  8. Sorry I haven't caught up with you Ben. Hope all is good bud!  Speak soon x 

  9. Great to hear from you Ben. Just replied darlin 😉

    1. animorphus


      Glad you liked the bonus treats too 😉😘😘❤️

    2. Lee249


      I did. Thank you so much Ben me lovely ❤️ xx

  10. Good sag pics you posted on discord 

  11. I was at Maccies just now picking up my order, sagging below ass. There were several other people in there, some sagging but only a bit. I had a fairly long t-shirt on but I “accidentally” made it ride up exposing my front sag quite a bit. All of a sudden I found myself surrounded by a large group of youths all wanting to take selfies with me, wanting to bump fists, and complementing on my sag. It was quite fun until the manager intervened and got them all to stop.

    1. Lukey


      Ooh well nice to hear they complimented you

  12. Will reply when I can Ben x




  13. Currently at Gatwick airport waiting to pick up by friend. I’m sagging below ass in plain sight and I swear I’m being stared down by another sagger. I can’t see any of his boxers but his trackies are definitely low!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Lukey


      Aw you should talk to him and say hi im a sagger are yuou?

    3. Lee249


      Sounds hot Ben 😉

    4. Lee249


      @animorphus hope to catch up soon darlin x 

  14. Saw an amazing sagger earlier while driving through town, had a great view while sat at the traffic lights. An hour later and my heart is still thumping from the excitement!

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Lee249


      @Astg94 it's an open goal... The goal keeper is naff 😜

      @animorphus I don't do prisons but thank you kindly for the visitation order haha 😂🤣😂🤣😂


    3. animorphus


      @Lee249 Rude 🤣😂🤣

    4. Lee249


      Anytime Ben hehe 😉

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