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  1. TheOther1

    A Or B?

    Swim in pool Indoor or outdoor swimming pool
  2. TheOther1

    Flameboard's New Videos

    I think I'd be punched very hard if I did that ...
  3. TheOther1

    Flameboard's New Videos

    Still have the cuffs, don't know if he would be up for doing another lol. Can't even meet up at the minute anyway obviously so not happening anytime soon.
  4. TheOther1

    Flameboard's New Videos

    Holy moly. Last post October 2012 lol. Think the videos were taken down...
  5. TheOther1

    boys friends who don't wear sagging

    Wait. They are actually people too, just like me!? Wow! My eyes have been opened. I thought they were like their own special species 😂 Sarcasm aside.. Indeed... Sure you can meet people who sag because of their sag, but need something else to talk about lol. Will eventually get bored or used to seeing their boxers anyway to the point won't really care.
  6. TheOther1

    boys friends who don't wear sagging

  7. TheOther1

    Coronavirus outbreak

    Well I've only been out a handful of times other than my daily walk. On the walk I hold my breath as I walk past people if there wasn't enough space to be further apart. If someone can catch or I can catch the virus with my mouth shut and nose not inhaling for the couple of seconds I walk past.... Well I'll be damned. But no way I'm going out on a walk and wearing a mark. Id rather have the fresh air.
  8. TheOther1

    Coronavirus outbreak

    I'm still working from home, with the reduced fuel consumption as not driving to work, I'm saving more.. I'm doing well, just gotta wait for the right time.
  9. TheOther1

    Coronavirus outbreak

    And we will be paying it back for the rest of our lives... On a personal note, all this government throwing cash everywhere hasn't helped me. I'm waiting on the housing market to crash. The 2008 market crash took house prices down 10-15%. Would be the perfect opportunity to buy a house. But nothings happened.. Yet anyway. Found the animation quite funny tbh. I'm not gonna get annoyed over the virus. Got enough things to stress over in addition to hearing about the virus absolutely everywhere. Can't even go onto an adult website without seeing mentions of the virus! 😂
  10. TheOther1

    Coronavirus outbreak

    But the entire world can't grind to a halt because we are worried about keeping the tiny percentage who the virus will actually impact. The UK for example along with many other countries is going to be hundreds of billion in debt. Each death is costing millions, whilst businesses won't survive, whilst individuals will struggle. If it wasn't for the government paying 80% of peoples salaries as an encouragement for businesses to not lay them off, the unemployment rate would be ridiculously high. I also think government individuals are so concerned about their reputation and public appearance (as it affects their career) that they basically have to do what the public want otherwise they will be slated. So they dare rush back into normalisation at risk of being told they are putting the economy before lives. Its the one thing I like about Trump, he just says whatever he wants. Some people are saying though that lockdown shouldn't end till all deaths have stopped. Not sure what we do about all the deaths that are killing people from everything else though... The majority. I don't think you can social distance for the rest of the year, so don't see what choices we have.
  11. TheOther1

    Coronavirus outbreak

    "Be smart people. Don't go on vacation this year! It's not worth getting sick or just dying because you wanted to go to the beach or amusement park." Thing is, my opinion is that I'd rather do something fun... The risk of dying is ridiculously low, especially for someone in good health in their 20s. I might be a bit ill for a few days... I'd rather that than have this crap go on forever.. 10th March was the last time I was in my office. So 55 days ago, most likely got however many more weeks to go. In my opinion a small amount of people are dying, I don't believe deaths are always such a bad thing either. My grandmother has been brain dead for several years because of her alzheimers. Sits in a chair all day, has to be fed, dressed etc. Can't do anything. Can't speak etc. Imo, it's time for her to move on and has been for years.. Only downside is my grandad visits her everyday (up till covid atleast), so it obviously would be hard for him. My point. She's going to die at some point, the virus is speeding deaths up of these old people with other health issues, so maybe it's not such a bad things. Meanwhile the average amount of newborn babies is like double the amount of deaths we've had on the worst day. Global deaths are like 0.5% of the UK population. In my opinion, the amount of deaths is low for something we are making such a big deal over. Obviously they would be higher if we weren't isolating etc.. I suppose nobody would really know how high though. Meanwhile we are getting ourselves into ridiculous debt to try and keep people afloat. So many small businesses can't keep this up for much longer. I think we just need to get back to normal and let what happens happens. This Friday is 75 years since Germany surrendered in the war... Covid19 deaths <300K WW2 deaths, estimated around 75m. There's been much worse things happen in the past. On the subject of masks. Unless I have to by law, I've got no plan to wear one. If I get the virus then so be it, rather that than walk around with a mask on my face for weeks/months I'm sure many people will hate my opinion
  12. TheOther1

    Coronavirus outbreak

    Got nothing to stress about over here...
  13. TheOther1

    A Or B?

    Deleted the last two posts before we have a dejavu... - https://www.saggerworld.com/topic/4002-a-or-b/?page=133&amp;tab=comments#comment-115102 I'm not American so can't comment on the above ... someone else continue as usual please.
  14. TheOther1

    Delete account

    I deleted the post with the phone number, it will probably hang around on Google for a while though. I think there's a way you can request google to remove a dead website link from the search. I agree with the others though once you post something it's there forever. A what I would consider frustrating number of people ask for their account to be deleted, for some reason people can't just not log in again.... which is what I do on a forum when I get bored of it.. Especially when there is anonymity for almost all users (nobody posts their full name etc), I don't really understand the need for accounts to be deleted. It's especially funny when the account has never made a single post, or if they are a few hours old...

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