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  1. Please can you approve my new album when you've got a minute. Thanks mate 👍


  2. What part of A or B did you not understand Luckily, B is the correct answer. Medium rare. Pork chop/steak or beef steak?
  3. Do you ever sleep? Always posting throughout the middle of the night 😂

    1. Lee249


      I'm the walking dead mate haha 

    2. Andrew_Smiley94


      You mean this?! I hope so! 😂🤣😂🤣giphy.gif

  4. Filming in portrait. Always looks great in the video player 🤦😂
  5. No, because in most countries in the world, people don't own guns 😂
  6. It was just very random and boring 😂 But, oh America and your guns. Keeps the rest of the world laughing at you atleast
  7. Shall I just join my album with another? I hoped to get some pics up tonight. Just deleted 3 of them for space. Thanks 











    1. TheOther1


      Bit confusing where you tag me in 3 places but none of them actually say what the problem is. 

      You should be able to create new albums now. Wasn't even aware there was a limit. 

    2. Lee249


      The problem speaks for itself. Yeah, 70 limit mate. I was so frustrated thanks for your guidance 👌

  8. Tomorrow ... "omg the cops arressted and shackled me for doing burnouts on my road"
  9. Maybe take a pic during the day 😂 Trucks are pretty cool. Some I just find overly massive My rental in Cali is far more normal of a size 😂
  10. Disagree Trains or planes
  11. Hi fella, I'm hoping we have cleared the air. Please can you confirm. Need reassurance thanks 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Dillon


      Don't trust him, Lee* is what I meant lol

    3. TheOther1


      Don't trust no one @Dillon

    4. Dillon


      Agreed bro 

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