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  1. TheOther1

    Underwear Experts

    A very expensive and high end department store in London Holy...... These are expensive.
  2. Not so much a new rule, but we will start to decline new pictures into the gallery where the image quality/size/resolution is not upto a standard. Sometimes there are images uploaded with terrible resolutions like 200x200 or even lower, these look bad on the site and I start to consider the authenticity of the images when the user claims they are of them. It's 2019 and whilst the standard isn't going to be so high everyone needs to buy a professional camera, the picture can't be so small that it looks stupid in the gallery. 99% of pictures uploaded are fine, so this decision makes no difference to the majority of members posting.
  3. TheOther1

    Men's butts

    I agree. But your "cheeky" look couldn't be more obvious rofl.
  4. TheOther1

    Smoking Saggers

    Couldn't be more of a turn off for some lol ... (me)
  5. Well I can travel around where I live, or London, or Barcelona or wherever I am.. and I don't see any. When I can spend a week in a different major city and see no saggers, I would call it pretty dead lol
  6. Well that's not what he said, he said it's dying... Ie.. Going down in popularity. I fully agree.
  7. So your pulling a kids trousers down and forcing him to sag... 🙄
  8. TheOther1

    Is it ok if i'm on here?

    Rules are 18 and over to be in the gallery section.
  9. TheOther1

    Is it ok if i'm on here?

    Were you both like next to each other when made the post lol? Welcome, but you are too young to upload to the gallery.
  10. TheOther1

    NEW Chat Software

    Try a different browser? I think its main platform is Windows so it certainly does work
  11. TheOther1

    young saggers

    Well they would be 18 so no reason they can't.
  12. TheOther1

    Guess what time it is???!!!!!

    Much appreciated @Sagonmyface thank you. Last year the site adverts only covered just over 50% of the running costs of the site so any donations are highly appreciated! Its one of those things where if say like 50 members donated even 1 euro a month we would be much better off and able to cover the costs.
  13. TheOther1

    NEW Chat Software

    Good ideas, I has thought about the trivia one myself as it produces alot of output... If I've done it right it should now only work in the trivia room and not the sagging or general chat. Will need to come up with some guidelines
  14. TheOther1

    NEW Chat Software

    Good to know, I only put it on my phone a few days ago but have been on daily so didn't know it logged you out. Thanks. If you have any suggestions... Let me know.

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