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  1. Enough politics lol. Michael Jackson
  2. @TheOther1 how are you coping during this 3rd lockdown mate. Keeping sane? Are you a key worker? Work from home? I don't know lol

    1. TheOther1


      Working from home since 9th march or something last year, the lockdown doesn't really make any difference at all to me. So not too bothered about it.

    2. Lee249


      Ah, guessed that you might be working from home. Stay safe dude! 

  3. Indeed. I'm from England but would call it a tank top. I would babe to Google singlet and even then it comes up with alot of wrestling stuff. And wife beater, well... What kinda name is that.
  4. Top one is best imo. But all depends on your arms.
  5. Imo it should be illegal to have sex with them if they are <16 and you're older than say 18.
  6. The updated theme is now on. Possibly a few tweaks to do, but hopefully much more back to normal Please post here if there are any issues .. or PM me
  7. I didn't mean to mouth off earlier. Me & my big gob lol... Had no idea the site was due for an upgrade. Thank you in regards to stats too. Stay safe! My friend. Lee 

  8. Status updates are back on the homepage, slightly different than they were before. Not sure if this is the final style or not.
  9. You won't be able to see them from the homepage on mobile yet. Hopefully can do once we get the proper theme setup again.
  10. i keep getting errors when viewing the site

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. CJS90


      no such button there :(

    3. CJS90
    4. TheOther1


      I think it should be ok now (as in the threads wil work)? I thought I had changed the default theme, but clearly I hadn't done it properly ....

  11. The forum had some technical problems this morning and as a result the site was taken offline whilst we performed an upgrade. As you are reading this, clearly the site is online again and we hope the issues are fully resolved. The theme we were using is incompatible with the new forum software and hence the current style is more basic than you have been used to for the past couple of years. We hope to have an updated theme shortly, so the site will look familiar again. This pod will most likely be deleted or updated when this happens.
  12. Nope, deffo not sagging. Not even dressed fully when can't walk properly 😂
  13. Looks pathetic imo, walking like a penguin. I call this more "not getting dressed properly" rather than sagging.
  14. A 16 year old bought all that for his mums new boyfriend ... Right... Interesting.
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