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  1. Raw (it's fucking raw, really) 😂
  2. Tomorrow ... "omg the cops arressted and shackled me for doing burnouts on my road"
  3. Maybe take a pic during the day 😂 Trucks are pretty cool. Some I just find overly massive My rental in Cali is far more normal of a size 😂
  4. Disagree Trains or planes
  5. Hi fella, I'm hoping we have cleared the air. Please can you confirm. Need reassurance thanks 

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Dillon


      Don't trust him, Lee* is what I meant lol

    3. TheOther1


      Don't trust no one @Dillon

    4. Dillon


      Agreed bro 

  6. You realise you are the one being disrespectful by revealing people's names publicly when they have not chosen to do so and sit behind their username alias. Not really sure how any of this makes you loose respect for the site anyway... Not sure what "I should be the one that bridge" means.. Not sure how you ever have been "used"..
  7. Removed my name from your post... Again... My name isn't public...
  8. Short answer is.. There's some technical reasons as to why the stories in the 18+ forum are exempt. This doesn't mean though the story section should contain pics which we wouldn't allow elsewhere.
  9. You should really stop calling people by their real names unless it's public on their profile..
  10. Rekhel is on Instagram and twitter I believe https://instagram.com/_rekhel?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=
  11. Yeah same kinda idea as YouTube in a way. Well the site costs money for the monthly server cost, the software that runs it has to be paid for a couple of times a year. Paying to own the saggerworld.com domain name. Etc. Nothing comes free. =( but Yeh, sadly the ad revenue doesn't cover the running costs.
  12. It's typically a one man show (me). The whole reason for the moderation is obviously to check for nudity etc, the reason for that is because of Google ads mean we can't have any of that.. So if something was approved and not reported and deleted, there's a chance Google could suspend ads on the site (it's happened before), which means there's no income (not that the ad revenue covers the server costs anyway these days).. Wish it was a 'job' got paid for 😂
  13. Typically pics should be approved within 24 hours. I try to do it atleast once a day, depends on what's going on. Sometimes a notification slips through and I miss an album in which case it could be a few days (every now and then I go and make sure I haven't missed any).
  14. So we have a Discord Mod? About time 👍

  15. Well there shouldn't be any more "my girlfriends 17 year old son" posts around here anymore... 

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    2. Lee249


      He was like a parrot repeating himself about that. Strange guy 

    3. Astg94


      Uh oh, I think I found Pabsman2024 creating new account (Browndelivers1987) acting like he knows the rule and policy. How do I know? He’s the UPS Driver, lives in the US, born in 1987 and he’s bi-sexual. Plus he commented on Word associated, A & B, and underwear posts. I’m just keeping a look out.

    4. StarsOnBlack


      ^Bingo.  "I have donated my boy's size XL and Men's size Small boxer shorts and boxer briefs to the salvation army since I gained weight and it went to my thighs and ass".  Unnecessary capital letters, and "boxer shorts" instead of "boxers", unnecessary details.

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