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  1. where's the no options? xD
  2. You good mate? Loving your profile picture. Who's is who's butt? Lol

  3. Smooth legs Shaven ur unshaven face
  4. Hello stranger. Hope your well mate 🙂

    1. Lee249


      @CaptainPanther that one will only answer if necessary mate haha 

    2. CaptainPanther


      I wasn't looking for a knowledgment this second....just saying hello lol stop trolling me pmsl 😉

  5. I'm convinced you're only with your girlfriend to be near her son lol...
  6. Discord is more of a chat app than a video thing anyway... Atleast in this context.
  7. Have you thought of asking... The IRS?
  8. Cool. Thanks for sharing your intentions for covid lockdowns to last for longer
  9. Then start? Or be smart and don't 😂
  10. Enough politics lol. Michael Jackson
  11. @TheOther1 how are you coping during this 3rd lockdown mate. Keeping sane? Are you a key worker? Work from home? I don't know lol

    1. TheOther1


      Working from home since 9th march or something last year, the lockdown doesn't really make any difference at all to me. So not too bothered about it.

    2. Lee249


      Ah, guessed that you might be working from home. Stay safe dude! 

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