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  1. TheOther1

    A Or B?

    Skate shoes Adidas or Nike
  2. TheOther1

    A Or B?

    Guys this isn't the what sexual fantasy A or B thread. Try keep it a bit more pg please. Don't want to have to start moderating it.
  3. TheOther1

    A Or B?

    Thanks for getting this back on a more 'normal' track.. -- Soap in eyes. Baths or showers?
  4. TheOther1

    If I wedgied you

    Punch you lol. This is not what you wanted to hear I'm sure 😂
  5. As per the first post, a monthly donation is required for the donator tag, I don't believe yours was monthly, PM Flameboard if I'm incorrect.
  6. TheOther1

    2 Walking Saggers

    Holy moly 5 year old thread bump lol... Flameboard didn't upload the videos so nobody here can re-upload them.
  7. TheOther1

    We can do it

    very random question lol..
  8. TheOther1

    What is your Favourite movie quote?

    That scene is epic.
  9. Haven't heard of this before, seems like it's US only which I guess is why I haven't. Can't even download the app.
  10. TheOther1

    Sagging for the delivery guy ;)

    Or have paid any attention to what wearing in the first place. Plus unless a sag was super obvious from the front, they would have no idea anyway. But... If you wanted to sag for the delivery driver... Then sag, just like you would on any other occasion 🙄
  11. TheOther1

    Sagging for the delivery guy ;)

    And why do you want to show your underwear to the delivery driver?
  12. TheOther1

    Uploading Pictures, Need help?

    Right there is a few things here. Firstly, if images aren't showing in the gallery than there is a different problem than images not showing up on the homepage I've changed a setting for the home screen view so it shows more pictures, previously it was only showing images in certain folders. Images need to be approved by Flameboard or myself before they are visible to everyone... usually happens within the day. If you click on an image you've uploaded, it should say pending moderation or something. If a file image is too large it will tell you, i think the regular limit for members is 6MB per image, donators is unlimited. As for @flameboard comment, this could in theory happen, the home page only shows 5 albums, so if images hadn't been approved in a few days (more than 5 albums) and yours were approved first, then yeah this could happen. But probably unlikely. But yes, you should be able to see the images if they have uploaded properly, I don't remember seeing any notification that you uploaded them.
  13. TheOther1

    Word Association Game

  14. TheOther1

    Members who are 13-16.

    Locking this thread as I can't see it going anywhere constructive. The original poster has had his profile image removed as 1) the picture is not him and secondly and most importantly as per site rules we will delete any pictures of members we believe to be under the age of 16. Personally though I do express concern with someone even in their 30s (and older) talking to a 13 year old on a site like this, as @DamnHotSagger said, a fetish website for most people.
  15. TheOther1

    What wedgie would you give me ?

    We've got this thread already.

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