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  1. It was a personal insult masked as a question, therefor no response required. I'm happy to take any insults via PM, but insulting members in threads just derails them. If you think the question was weird, then that says something about how it makes you feel. Weird is how something makes you feel, not what it is. The thread is about hair and Krister has stated that he likes beards on men that are attractive, but not sexually attractive. I'm merely asking what kind of men that would be and how it makes him feel. He doesn't have to answer if it is uncomfortable for him.
  2. SBJB

    All white sag golden undies

    I think you undermined yourself with the sinful part at the end. What are we talking about here; whether or not people who have a high desire for materialistic things are more or less attractive because of that desire. Or people looking better or the same in expensive material things? For the former I would say it's inherent for people to be this way, to some extent. As for why most people dislike others being materialistic, isn't that just jealousy?
  3. Are the holes in the crotch area?
  4. SBJB

    What Do You Find Attractive?

    Well that's only the same as it would have been if I'd said he was displeased with my response.
  5. SBJB

    What Do You Find Attractive?

    Why don't you drop me a pm instead bro?
  6. It was rhetorical. I'd prefer not to discuss myself or anyone else in terms of their interaction with the site, it's counterproductive. A bit like an actor looking at the camera.
  7. SBJB

    What Do You Find Attractive?

    Do you have any examples of me being defensive? I don't think I have been.
  8. SBJB

    What Do You Find Attractive?

    Indeed a good point. I was reluctant to post it for that reason. But I didn't want anyone looking for an easy diversion to what I was really saying. Which sadly has now just happened.
  9. If you feel the need to ignore the question and make a personal attack on me. I'd love to hear the answer, if you are comfortable to do so.
  10. SBJB

    What Do You Find Attractive?

    I haven't said anything about him? 🤔
  11. SBJB

    Some hard mofos

    I'm not sure if I've made myself clear. You were suggesting it was 'played' as if that was unusual. I was trying to point out to those that may not have used youtube back then, that this is a genre of video that once existed on YouTube. Knowing this would help you understand that what is going on was quite normal at the time. The only bit they meant to be significant was the actual sagging.🙂
  12. SBJB

    All white sag golden undies

    But most people do find materialist things appealing on those they desire and themselves. Why do you suppose that is?
  13. SBJB

    What Do You Find Attractive?

    Don't be so defensive. If you don't want to share something then don't share it. Don't be afraid to find out something about yourself that may help you understand you better. These are your insecurities, not mine.
  14. SBJB

    What Do You Find Attractive?

    Why have they given him a black muffler when his skin is lighter than it is darker?
  15. SBJB

    What Do You Find Attractive?

    I don't know, is it?

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