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    I Like all types of Sagging, Sagging in Jogger pants , Handcuffed/Prison/Arrest role play, etc...
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  1. boxerbriefsaggerhandcuffed

    Two hot French rappers

    hot as F**** sagger!
  2. boxerbriefsaggerhandcuffed

    Sagger Assaulted at Walmart

    he's hot af!
  3. boxerbriefsaggerhandcuffed

    Simulated DUI Arrest Sagger!!!

    Hot Jeans Sag below ass as thug gets cuffed up to go to prison! Enjoy!!
  4. boxerbriefsaggerhandcuffed

    Sagging with my Boyfriend

  5. boxerbriefsaggerhandcuffed

    Vid of you sagging

    this video is so ******* hot!!!! 10/10!!!!
  6. boxerbriefsaggerhandcuffed

    Sagging Prank

    Hot Sagging!
  7. boxerbriefsaggerhandcuffed

    Hot sagger in German ad

    love his sag!
  8. boxerbriefsaggerhandcuffed

    COPS / Live PD

    Love Sagging Thugs!!
  9. boxerbriefsaggerhandcuffed

    How old are y’all boys

    16 almost 17
  10. Hey Wanna Skype and show our sags to each other



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