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  1. 3 minutes ago, Lee249 said:

    I'm currently malfunctioning down below 😔 they aren't firing like rockets as they normally should. Stress, anxiety & sleep deprivation could be the route of the cause.

    I hope that my internal engineer can fix the problem asap. 


    Hope so too, mate: those things are death to expressions of virility.  Even to yours.

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  2. 2 minutes ago, collegesagger said:

    Beyond sagging in general, I LOVE underwear - mostly briefs, tight boxerbriefs and jocks.  Not thongs or panties tho.  Love getting a hold of another guys undies in general, especially a masc bro's tighty whities  😏 jerkoff & edge in them til I cum thru em, love doing the same to other guys too, sorta like a cum control contest (who can last longer).  Also love pissing in them sometimes, feels so good and warm but don't do it very often cuz the cleanup is a process and I don't usually have time lol... Also love tying up a guy and fingering and toying his ass for a long time (and milking his c**k a bit) til he cums handsfree.  Especially if it's a str8/curious bro who's never experienced it before 😈  Anal orgasms are so hot to me, and I get so hard knowing I made a masc guy cum like that 😈💦.

    **Also, I really hope none of what I'm saying/posting here today crosses a line in terms of rules etc. 😅 I haven't been on SW in a while and I know some things have changed, hope they give me an opportunity to warn men or give me some constructive feedback (instead of banning me) if I'm going too far 🥺  Thanks in advance! 😬

    Great comments, guy; I, too, hope you don't get called out for what you wrote . . . especially since it's my story, too.

  3. On 10/11/2022 at 8:08 PM, Admiralolsen said:

    This is a question I have, Does anyone here think guys that sag are cuter when they are sagging?  Today I was at the clothing store and the front desk guy, good looking guy, maybe early 30’s, was half ass sagging some relaxed fit jeans and he was so cute.  And it was his sag that made him so cute to me.  So, Does anyone feel the same? 

    YES!   I do, 100% agreed.

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  4. 1 hour ago, gabeasston said:

    i think sagging just under your butt and junk is as low as it should go. normally, i like to sag over my junk and about 3/4 down my ass, but sometimes completely under both is hot. any lower like on the thigh is too low. kinda defeats the purpose.

    Almost agree.  When a sagger is weaaring briefs or a bikini, it's hot to see a bit - only a tiny bit - of skin above the waistband.  For other underwear, except for very short-legged trunks, agreed:l showing skin is too low - for my taste, and apparently everybody else who has responded so far.

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  5. 10 hours ago, Mikelll said:

    Yes I wear briefs and with no belt often or a loose belt. They slip down with time and I’ll let them go to the bottom of my butt so basically the whole briefs are showing but not skin and that’s the lowest. Sometime a little skin will show but I feel that’s too low and i I’ll the up a little .

    Keep on like you are; your sags are  H O T!!

  6. I sort of "discovered" sagging when I was 10.  I, like my father, and as I had been raised, slept in pajamas, commando (I never heard of a guy wearing anything under his pajamas until I got to college and discovered that a dorm mate did).  As puberty approached, I discovered humping my bed . ..  well, the great feelings that came from it.  Nights that my pajama pants had elastic waistbands, they occasionally would slip down onto my hips; I soon discovered another neat feeling: of the pajama waistband down on my hips, and it wasn't many nights afterwards that I discovered how delightful it felt to have that waistband under my hips. 

    Since it felt so good having my pajama pants that low, I thought I'd try it with my jeans . . . and loved the feeling.  BUT in my Puritanical household, sagging would be worse than just prohibited, so I got on my bike and rode to an open area betweeen our and the next town, took off my shirt, unbuckled my belt, and slipped the jeans down to about half-ass, and walked around the fields enjoying the feeling of sun on my bare torso and burning through my white briefs (still wore them frequently in those days).

    First time, the repeated as often as I could find a way. . . . and still do.

    Note:  Because I wore pajamas commando, I soon tried it in my jeans . . . and  LIKED  IT.  That's why I'm a part-time freeballing sagger today.

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    Great story, Mike!

    I was 10, very different start but same result today: love sagging in unbelted jeans (501's still my faves) showing whatever is  underneath them.  If anything.

    Will try to find time to write my story soon.  

    Thanks for telling yours.

    (the other) Mike

  8. WIsh I qualified; I'm white and have a special place in my heart - and great memories of times with hot guys just like you - for young Black saggers.

    Hope a lot of super-qualified guys respond to this.  Soon.

  9. On 3/23/2022 at 6:19 AM, SaggerMatt said:

    Very cool.

    Cool??   This is  A W E S O M E ! ! !  Great progression over just a couple weeks.

    Be  SURE  to give us updates at the relationship, and his sagging, develop.

  10. 4 hours ago, cargoshorts said:

    R u saying ur parents were right not to let u sag at 10 if ur saying mid teens they should start letting it?

    Good question, which I carelessly didn't answer..

    I'd let them start when they wanted to, with some pointers of when and where not to, especially not too low.  Reasoning: if he really wants to sag, he'll find ways and places to do it covertly; I'd (hope to) have a sufficiently open relationship with my kids - boys especially - to be able to discuss sagging as freely as a thing else.  And wish I'd had that when I was growing up.

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  11. The crux of the discussion is "let."

    I started sagging when I was about 10 - yes, before puberty - but my parents strictly forbade it, so I didn't get to do it freely until after college when I was out of the house and on my own.

    As for when parents should allow it, anywhere in mid-teens seems wise, probably at or after 14.  Depends a lot on the guy (as well as his parents.)

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