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    I started sagging about 11, haven't quit, just sag lower as I go. Discovered the joy of freeballing abut the same time, so I do that too, sometimes sag when freeballing.
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    sagging, saggers, extreme saggers, saggers showing skin, being outdoors and sagging shirtless
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  1. lo2go


    Wearing bball shorts as underwear is like freeballing in them - unless you have something besides jeans, or similar over them. You are So Right; freeballing in bball shorts is a continuing erotic experience. When that's all you're wearing, except maybe a shirt short enough for it to show, your boner surely will - to the delight of all the girls, and some of us guys. Go for it, dry or wet, man.
  2. lo2go


    Wow! What did that feel like, especially wet? Tell, because I can't imagine the feeling.
  3. lo2go


    I don't, won't, never have seen that, anywhere, ever. But I bet some guys will, just because they're not like me - or most of us.
  4. lo2go


    Yes. Briefs seem to be coming back into style in younger guys. I even see some on saggers around here - very evidently briefs, not boxerbriefs, when, as Matt says, you can see skin below them.
  5. lo2go


    Me, too . . . except I like the shorter feeling of briefs, and lower rise of hip briefs. I also enjoy the feel, and the look, of male bikini underwear - and sagging in it.
  6. lo2go


    Yeah, please clarify "outside." If you mean wearing them so they show from sagging, my answer is: same as the others, great. (Really hot look: when a guy's sag is so low that skin shows UNDER the leg of the briefs. Turns me on instantly.)
  7. lo2go

    Wet Clothes Hot or Not?

    Too bad. BBall shorts alone are too much, but bbs underneath sounds like a burden. Of course, once you shed the bball shorts, you'll love the feeling of swimming in bbs . . .and everybody who sees you will love the sight. Be sure to let us know how it goes.
  8. lo2go

    Wet Clothes Hot or Not?

    Sounds delightfully . . . delightful. Planning to have anything under those shorts?
  9. lo2go


    Oooh! He's hot; I'm horny.
  10. lo2go

    Wet Clothes Hot or Not?

    If you have the opportunity, try it first in colored underwear; you'll love the feeling. Then you'll have the confidence to swim in white . . . to the delight of all your admiring onlookers (who are wishing that they had your courage).
  11. lo2go

    Wet Clothes Hot or Not?

    Not a problem:you're a man and men get boners. And it still is covered, just like the rest of your body that's covered by the translucent white fabric. Moreover, boners under wet white bbs are hot to look at.
  12. lo2go


    Great pube shot on awesome bod!
  13. lo2go


    Yeah! I want him!!
  14. lo2go


    Trimmed pubes are hot.
  15. lo2go


    Oooh! So low, so hot . . .

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