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    I started sagging about 11, haven't quit, just sag lower as I go. Discovered the joy of freeballing abut the same time, so I do that too, sometimes sag when freeballing.
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    sagging, saggers, extreme saggers, saggers showing skin, being outdoors and sagging shirtless
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  1. Might be heading over to Discord shortly if you fancy it.



    1. Lee249


      On Discord now mate.


    2. lo2go


      I was, too, until my machine beeped that had a message . . . from you.

    3. Lee249


      It was amazing! My friend. The problem with DMs is that it's not like a live chat. Lets arrange another live one soon. Sleep well (as stipulated, me too) look forward to it mate. 












  2. "he?" Check the hair; sure it isn't a "she?"
  3. Uh huh, but instead of "on white" it may better be said "in white" because that 's where it is, in and through the white fabric. Mmmmm
  4. Join me on Discord dude 😉

    1. lo2go


      I'm there now; are you?

    2. Lee249


      I'm staying up. Hope to chat after your meal mate. 

  5. Or, like the gf of a friend of mine, that she enjoys the view. Keep on pleasing her, man!
  6. lo2go


    Great comments, guy; I, too, hope you don't get called out for what you wrote . . . especially since it's my story, too.
  7. Yes!! Commando is THE ONLY WAY to wear sweats.
  8. . . . but he should be commando . . .
  9. Great low sag, for sure! Also, great to see your face. Don't see anything wrong with it, and LOTS to like in it, especially since IT'S YOU!!!
  10. Almost agree. When a sagger is weaaring briefs or a bikini, it's hot to see a bit - only a tiny bit - of skin above the waistband. For other underwear, except for very short-legged trunks, agreed:l showing skin is too low - for my taste, and apparently everybody else who has responded so far.
  11. Keep on like you are; your sags are H O T!!
  12. For you, man, it absolutely be the right move; you're just too good - and desirable to the ladies - to not miss.
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