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    I started sagging about 11, haven't quit, just sag lower as I go. Discovered the joy of freeballing abut the same time, so I do that too, sometimes sag when freeballing.
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    sagging, saggers, extreme saggers, saggers showing skin, being outdoors and sagging shirtless
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    Self employed

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  1. Been AGES!!! Hope you're keeping well & misbehaving 😂

    1. lo2go


      Busily well, mate.

      Hope you're the same, enjoying a great weekend over there.

  2. I did, once when I didn't have my speedo and a group of us was going swimming. Fortunately, they were black briefs so they didn't get translucent; excitingly, they did slide down when I dove . . .
  3. GOOD FOR YOU !!! Hope you get the a good one.
  4. Everything right: hot pic . . . and freeballer!
  5. Especially seeing saggers shirtless! Mmmmm!
  6. Wanna chat?

    1. lo2go


      11:30, your 2330, on my way to bed.   Alone, even.

    2. Lee249


      Oh... Well I hope that I can bring light to your life when we chat again bud 👍

  7. Hey mate 👍

    1. Lee249


      Heading to Discord soon fella. 

  8. 100% agreed! Worked for a company at which attendance, for management staff, was MANDATORY. Totally miserable experience, and one (of several) reason I was happy to resign there.
  9. Are you on Discord Mike? Thanks 

  10. Hey, been busy but read your DM over on Discord. Will reply soon x 

  11. Lucky girl! You treat her like she's a keeper. 😉
  12. FYI: He lives in California. Of course, he has the same internet shopping capability that we all do . . .
  13. Nice - briefs and unbelted sag. Did you let your gf see those . . . like that?
  14. Neat! Never knew that existed, but there are times when I will use it Thanks, Lee!
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