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    I started sagging about 11, haven't quit, just sag lower as I go. Discovered the joy of freeballing abut the same time, so I do that too, sometimes sag when freeballing.
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    sagging, saggers, extreme saggers, saggers showing skin, being outdoors and sagging shirtless
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  1. Oooh! So hottt!! Wish I'd been there to see that.
  2. I am, and heading for a - hopefully - deserted trail this afternoon . . . wishing you were along . . .
  3. Getting on toward summertime here, so commando in unbelted jeans, as low as surroundings permit. Out hiking, shirtless, in totally deserted areas, at least half-ass, sometimes lower . . .
  4. I want to sag with you as well as rub my boxers against your boxers.  Do you have a facetime account to talk?

  5. I sent you a message a few days ago. Did you see it?

  6. The first time I sagged outdoors I was too excited and afraid of being caught by strict parents. But I loved the feeling, even more when I took off my shirt. Since then, though, there've been lots of times, especially when sagging commando and shirtless . . . often when hiking in remote areas where I can handle it without fear of being discovered (even when I'd like to be . . .).
  7. Great description of them. Good watch if you like lots of crack and (at least) one guy's A-lines - clearly.
  8. Well said, and I stand corrected. I said it poorly, thanks for catching it.
  9. Sent you a PM just now.

    1. lo2go


      On my way there . . .  😊


  10. There is no reason why a sagger wouldn't be friends with you just because you don't sag. In fact, when he knows you admire his sag, it should lock in a friendship for good. Like the guys above have said, go for it, bashful; you have no reason not to.
  11. Around here, we're free to not wear masks outdoors if we stay 6' or more from other people. Otherwise, masks are both necessary and required - which is good.
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