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  1. Anybody want to kik?

  2. Anybody want to kik?

  3. Really want to cam right now. Message me!

  4. Really want to cam right now. Messages

  5. On Skype and kik right now! Add me!

  6. Anybody Kik or Skype? Add me

  7. Im online Skype right now! Hmu!

  8. Anybody want to Skype? Just add me

  9. Message me if you want to Skype?!

  10. Anybody want to Skype, kik, or e-mail?

  11. Looking for saggers to Skype, kik, or chat with!!

  12. I love to sag, but don't have the guts for it!

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    2. FlatBilledSagger21


      My parents and friends may not like it

    3. shortydude


      mine don't like it either but is your choice not theirs.

    4. FlatBilledSagger21
  13. Someone get Jacob off my mind....

  14. I'm really bored... Message me if you want to Skype!

  15. I like smelling my friends clothes when I get the chance. Gets me soo horny
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