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  1. shortydude

    Shopping In The Boy's Department

    I do that all the time. It’s cheaper and actually fits better too.
  2. shortydude

    Sagging for the delivery guy ;)

    They are dude
  3. shortydude

    Sagging for the delivery guy ;)

    You don’t sag daily anymore? Your Sags are dope bro.
  4. shortydude

    Sagging for the delivery guy ;)

    I always freeball when I know a repair or delivery man is coming. They have no idea and usually don’t even notice. I freeball while doing chores as well. Sagging is daily thing that people are use to by now .
  5. My instagram was disabled last night.  I’m  not having a good day maybe it’s time to hang it all up. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. secsagger999


      You're always welcome to chat with me. I got a kik and facebook you can message me on, Mr. Hottie.

    3. shortydude


      I was meaning the social media part of it not sagging in general. 

    4. Slade


      Good, cause that would be most disappointing.

  6. shortydude

    Vaping / Juuling / Smoking

    I smoke about a pack a day.
  7. Is there an easier way to delete more than one picture at a time ? 

  8. Spending the day deIeting pics 

    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. shortydude


      What do you mean by wtf? 

    3. Lee249


      Why delete pics? Is what i meant by that dude. 

    4. shortydude


      Oh they were really old pics and not very good ones . 

  9. Just as I thought 💭 

  10. I wish I could change my display name on my profile. 

    1. jace


      What you want to change to? 

    2. shortydude


      My ig name 

    3. jace


      wats that?

  11. What is the purpose  of the community reputation? 

    1. ehrenmann


      I think it says how active you are in the community. As I posted content, my reputation went up, but as I had do to a little break, my reputation went down. Now, as I post again, my reputation goes up, again.

  12. What am I doing wrong?  Why doesn’t anybody wanna talk to me? 

    1. SaggersRhot


      Hi. It's not you. I have the same problem. I'll be happy to talk with you

    2. shortydude


      Thanks it’s nice to know it’s just not me.  Hello there. 

    3. SaggerMarine


      You can talk or text me if you want. I was think to ask what do you think about helping me organize a baggy pants sagger party for us older dudes. Everyone is into these young pups in skinny jeans. U have my kik if u want my number. Bobbigolow 

  13. shortydude

    Saggerworld calendar

    I was just curious to know if there was or is going to be a saggerworld calendar this year? If I missed the announcement forgive my apologies.
  14. Time to thin out the albums and delete the dead weight. 


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