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  1. Most of the female saggers I’ve seen were lesbians. They dressed just like men and sagged like men even wearing men’s underwear. To each their own . They knew what they were doing.
  2. Most of the trends go with our age. I see mostly guys wearing boxer briefs or briefs now . I think it has to do with comfort and their activities. I also see many guys still wearing boxers which is to still hot .
  3. Deleted recent uploads and probably won’t be sharing here anymore. 

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. shortydude


      It isn’t really about popularity it’s about being accepted by others.  The low view count signaled to me nobody valued them.  Thanks for the message and understanding. 

    3. Lee249


      @shortydudeI get that. It's like clarification for the effort you put into it. I feel like that sometimes myself. I don't think it's anything personal at all. It's easy to read into things. Please don't get down on yourself mate. We're all behind you oozing you on 👍 best wishes, Lee 

    4. shortydude


      Exactly you understand what I’m trying to say.  Thanks for the encouragement. 

  4. No more pics here 

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. shortydude


      All the photos on the site were blank white squares .  

    3. Lee249


      The solution is to upload pics then 👍

    4. shortydude


      The problem was resolved 😀

  5. I did something today I haven’t done in months.  I finally took some sagging pics for fb and instagram.  I thought I’d share them here with you even if they aren’t the best. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. jace


      share here

    3. shortydude


      I posted them they may be approved yet . 

    4. CJS90


      amazing pics :)

  6. I think I can finally say I’ve given up hope of ever being a grade sagger especially on this site . 

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. flameboard


      @Lee249 if you look, yours is on the header also....

    3. flameboard


      Have highlighted both of you in the header on this image to show you:

      Header July 2020 - Shorty and Lee.jpg

    4. shortydude


      I see it now .  I only get to see half of the header on my phone . 

  7. Any other sagger rejects out there ? 

  8. I don’t really think they are scared just intimidated. I put on a lot of weight myself and have always been scared to post here.
  9. bro you’ve got a big booty ;) your best ASSet ! 

    1. shortydude


      Thank you I guess it is my best asset 😂

    2. zachd98


      it’s definitely a cutie with a booty 

  10. I’m slowly loosing interest and it may close to the end. 

  11. I usually wake and go to the bathroom for a morning piss and make coffee. Then shower , get dressed smoke and off to work.
  12. I understand if your feeling bullied and feel the only solution is to delete your account . The few friends you have made on here will miss you. You’ve always been kind and friendly to me and I appreciate that. I am myself am 41 years old but age shouldn’t have anything to do with how others treat you.
  13. Is there an easier way to delete more than one picture at a time ? It is taking forever to delete just one photo. 

    1. flameboard


      On each photo you can select the tickbox at the top right and select all that way, if not if its the entire album you can delete the album which deletes the photos.

  14. I sleep naked year round there is no other way.
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