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  1. bro you’ve got a big booty ;) your best ASSet ! 

    1. shortydude


      Thank you I guess it is my best asset 😂

    2. zachd98


      it’s definitely a cutie with a booty 

  2. I’m slowly loosing interest and it may close to the end. 

  3. shortydude

    Your Morning Routine

    I usually wake and go to the bathroom for a morning piss and make coffee. Then shower , get dressed smoke and off to work.
  4. shortydude


    I understand if your feeling bullied and feel the only solution is to delete your account . The few friends you have made on here will miss you. You’ve always been kind and friendly to me and I appreciate that. I am myself am 41 years old but age shouldn’t have anything to do with how others treat you.
  5. shortydude


  6. Is there an easier way to delete more than one picture at a time ? It is taking forever to delete just one photo. 

    1. flameboard


      On each photo you can select the tickbox at the top right and select all that way, if not if its the entire album you can delete the album which deletes the photos.

  7. shortydude

    What do you sleep in

    I sleep naked year round there is no other way.
  8. shortydude

    Shopping In The Boy's Department

    I do that all the time. It’s cheaper and actually fits better too.
  9. shortydude

    Sagging for the delivery guy ;)

    They are dude
  10. shortydude

    Sagging for the delivery guy ;)

    You don’t sag daily anymore? Your Sags are dope bro.
  11. shortydude

    Sagging for the delivery guy ;)

    I always freeball when I know a repair or delivery man is coming. They have no idea and usually don’t even notice. I freeball while doing chores as well. Sagging is daily thing that people are use to by now .
  12. My instagram was disabled last night.  I’m  not having a good day maybe it’s time to hang it all up. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. secsagger999


      You're always welcome to chat with me. I got a kik and facebook you can message me on, Mr. Hottie.

    3. shortydude


      I was meaning the social media part of it not sagging in general. 

    4. Slade


      Good, cause that would be most disappointing.

  13. shortydude

    Vaping / Juuling / Smoking

    I smoke about a pack a day.
  14. Is there an easier way to delete more than one picture at a time ? 

  15. Spending the day deIeting pics 

    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. shortydude


      What do you mean by wtf? 

    3. Lee249


      Why delete pics? Is what i meant by that dude. 

    4. shortydude


      Oh they were really old pics and not very good ones . 


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