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  1. Hmmm phones 4 u. Holland.
  2. Audi Rugby or football
  3. Yeh i know but i cant tell her it will break her heart knowing her boyf wants me instead. What makes it even worse is I went out tonight with her n he turned up after work. I pulled and was going to take this guy I pulled home until he spoke to my best mates boyf who said to the guy i was going to take home hes mine hands off. I confronted him about it and he said well i want you to be mine. Again saying he is only with my best mate to be near me. So me being me and full off rage and horny pulls him to a dark corner and goes to snog him. He pulled away this time and said hid girlf might see. A
  4. Thanks for the advice. Ive distanced myself from him which is hard as we work together. I spoke to him last night and said until he decides who and what he wants then I cant be his friend. I fancy him to much to not pounce on him and develop something with him. My best mate also knows something is wrong between me and him as its awkward between us now. I could just pounce on him? Lol.
  5. Ok things have developed more since saturday. I asked him if he meant what he said he said yes he fancies me and is only with his girlf so he can be close to me. He wants to develop something with me but I dont want to lose my best mate who ive known since I was 4. Though I fancy the guy so much. We have spent lots of time together but nothing sexual just a hug and thats it. Im still not sure what to do. Advance things with this guy and lose my best mate or leave things or tell my best mate that her boyf is gay?
  6. There is this guy at work who I really fancy but he has a girlfriend. On Saturday night I had a houseparty and we were playing truth or dare. I chose dare and one of my mates decided that me and this guy should be locked in a cupboard for 30 mins.Being drunk we both agreed. We ended up talking and I told him I was gay which he didnt know. He gave me a hug and I noticed his c$$k got hard the light was still on in the cupboard. He then went to kiss me but I pulled away as his girlf is my closest mate. Then he tells me he is bi and fancies me and is only going out with her to be close to me. My m
  7. So none of you straight guys would have sex with a guy or let a guy do anything to you?
  8. As the title says. Is anybody really so straight? Discuss.
  9. I think the incest thats illegal is between a brother and sister not a brother and brother.
  10. 17 in a sex club for gay men in a dark room. Yup i know. :'(
  11. Whats your feelings? Do you like being Rimmed and do you like Rimming?
  12. Ive got visions now of u first in wet clothes and next naked. lol.
  13. can somebody stop my room spinning?

    1. flameboard


      Best thing is to lay and if poss to have ure hand touching a wall. It normally helps.

  14. bored anybody wanna chat?

  15. up for chat on here or skype

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