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    Just a general guy really, I started of on the site as a normal member and have worked my way from Moderator to now being proud to Own the site when I purchased it in January 2013. I have had a major interest in sagging since I was about 17. I find it extremely hot and when I started I couldn't stop. I found this site and well here I am today. So yeah that's a little bit about me. As anyone will say I'm more than happy to help anyone so if you have a issue don't be afraid to ask or speak to me. Personally I don't see any question as a silly one!
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  1. They end tomorrow at about 1511 (BST) im afraid.
  2. Hey Guys, It is that time again! Selling some of my trainers. Here are the links for you all Etnies Jefferson Mens Skate Shoes UK 9 Globe Chase Mens Skate Shoes UK 9.5 DC Mens Trase TX Black/Chili Pepper Red Skate Shoes UK 9 Nike SB Clutch Skate Shoes Mens Size 9.5 Maroon Trainers Vans TB2T Black Chequered Mens Skate Shoes UK 9 VANS Skate Shoes Scotchgard Grey/Black With Faux Fur UK 9.5 VANS Skate Shoes Grey/Blue UK 9
  3. This forum post contains info of other users not being able to get on, it seems like the site has just been taken down, either fully, or temporarily.
  4. Hey you did do it right in the fact of posting, however on the thread above is where nearly all of Rye is, in the Roadtrip thread However, I haven't seen that twitter one before, and that was awesome to see!
  5. Yep, happened many times before, this is just the most recent one. Always MUCH harder to get larger brands too as they do not really need the marketing lol
  6. NEW OFFER! 20% OFF GOLDEN ASS UNDERWEAR using the code on the banner. Place your order today!

  7. EXCLUSIVE OFFER FOR ALL MEMBERS I am really pleased to announce that I have managed to secure a special offer for all members! You can now get 20% off all Golden Ass underwear using the code "Vriendenvanga20" About Golden Ass Launched in December 2019, Golden Ass have been working their way into the European underwear market. Based in the Netherlands, they provide free shipping to those people in the same country, and reasonable rates to all other countries. If you are looking for high quality boxers then look no further. Golden Ass stands for elegance and exclusivity, the
  8. Hey guys, I just wanted to send you all a quick message to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 2020 has been a very tough one for basically every single one of us, I am sure we are all going to be happy to see this year end and hope that 2021 is a better year for all. Thank you for continuing to support Saggerworld by visiting the site as often as some of you do. Without you guys the site would be nothing, so again, thanks. We have undergone some minor changes to the site this year. All of which has received positive feedback. We are looking into a co
  9. It seems as though it is this split second view, with the final part of the video not really being able to see the sag but know he is sagging.
  10. It isn't sagging. Sorry that's not at all. He cannot even walk really, just looks stupid.
  11. Hey guys, Many of you have asked when I will be selling some of my trainers/sneakers again. Well the time has come and there is now 13 just listed on eBay. The links are below the photos for you if you are interested All are on ebay with International shipping available. Mens Vans Trainers UK 9 // US 10 Mens Vans Trainers UK 9 // US 10 Mens Vans Trainers UK 10 // US 11 Mens Smooth Sole Adidas Trainers UK 9 // US 9.5 Mens Supra Trainers UK 9 // US 10 Mens Nike SB Janoski Trainers UK
  12. This is one of the other reports out there: http://euscreen.eu/item.html?id=EUS_C1493CDA60EA49779DF10D97FFE61B9C
  13. Pavement Tied or Un-tied Laces?
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