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    I'm not much of a sagger, love seeing good sags, love guys
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  1. Hotsaggerlover

    How Straigt/gay Are You?

    I'm 6
  2. Hotsaggerlover

    Is This Guy Gay?

    He's bi I'm guessing bcuz it sounds like he looked at all of the pictures probably head on, he's probably more into guys plus he's wearing a scarf around a hoodie which is weird bcuz it's unnecessary. It's like he's trying to fashionable but doing wrong like a straight guy might
  3. I definitely get a boner when I sag. Every single time I sag I get a boner. Even before I start sagging when I'm thinking about it, I get a boner. I get 1 when I other guys sagging only if I find their sag &/or the guy hot enough. So your not alone on this. If your getting boners from seeing others guys sagging then I think you are gay or bi. Either that or when you see another guy sag you think of how hot you would look sagging which probably would give you a boner.
  4. Hotsaggerlover

    basketball shorts

    Very hot & sexy picture of a hot guy with a nice bulge. I bet he has a big **** :)
  5. Hotsaggerlover

    Any guy bi or gay?

    I'm gay & I live in Ohio

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