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    I’m Bi-Curious (Probably Gay) who likes to watch some saggers, and I like to bake some goodies!
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    Cashiering At The Grocery Store (I Need To Find A Job At The Bakery Whenever COVID-19 Is Over.)

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  1. It's Sunday, let's have a ketchup. Stick the kettle on lad 😜

  2. Hellooooo mate. Just wanted to drop by & see how you're doing 😉

    1. Andrew_Smiley94


      Hey man,

      I’m doing well thank you… rainy day here today, ugh… but we’re just starting to get ready to pack for my cousins birthday weekend in Massachusetts.

      Hopefully we’ll have a good time.

       I hope you’re doing good?

  3. Hellooooo 😁 nice to see us cross paths on here. Hope you're doing well mate x

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    2. Lee249


      I'm doing better thanks buddy. It's Sunday, that means SW commitment 😜 I can commit more time here. Hope to catch up with you soon x 

    3. Lee249


      Thinking about ya mate x 

    4. Andrew_Smiley94


      Sweet of you! ❤️😊

  4. Just replied to your DM awesome x 

    1. Andrew_Smiley94


      Just read it! I’ll reply later or tomorrow. 👍

    2. Lee249


      Always a pleasure darlin x 

  5. DM sent. Massive congrats on your promotion! Soooooo happy for you my good friend ❤️ x

    1. Andrew_Smiley94


      Thank you so much Lee! Now I can report you to juvenile detention! (Flamey told me that!) 😂🤣. Nah just kidding man. DM has been sent to you! 👍

    2. Lee249


      Haha nice1 mate 👍

  6. I reported this to the admin yesterday, but I don’t think they’re doing the job to ban this assh*le 🤦‍♂️
  7. Sag in sweat pants. Gray sweats or black sweats?
  8. Idk the difference, but large flashy belt it is. sagging below ass or below c*ck?
  9. 4/5 door car… easy to get out at any choices. Pole dancing or Line dancing?
  10. Yeah, even though I wasn’t active at that time, whatever spam **** he wrote looked familiar … cause I did report similar stuff to the admin a while ago (maybe months or years ago)… Elastic. Slip on vans or sneakers with laces?
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