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  1. I’m in white ck hip briefs and green super dry shorts. No top
  2. White ck hip briefs with red waistband and Nike gym shorts
  3. So for a few years boxer briefs have reigned supreme. here in the UK until about 2008 it was all loose plaid boxers but then they died out. Here people used to be made fun of for briefs but now they seem to be coming back and you get made fun of more for boxers. when I’ve spoken to straight mates about underwear they all say they like trunks and get quite passionate about how bad loose boxers are. Briefs seem a bit more neutral but you see a lot of celebrities wearing them and they are starting to get a foothold. Like ck briefs, not y fronts. i tried to buy some regular boxers i
  4. What kind of underwear do the gay guys on here wear? When I meet guys or chat to them on Grindr a lot more seem to wear briefs than straight guys? A few boxer briefs, rarely boxers
  5. Back on topic... it seems they are. what are your guys thoughts on briefs? It seems they are coming back. a few years ago everyone wore loose boxers and u got made fun of for briefs. Now it seems it’s cool to wear briefs and u get made fun of for loose boxers.
  6. It seems to have gone full circle. Ten years ago baggy boxers were a cool, in, thing and people wearing briefs were laughed at. Now it’s the reverse. I wore baggy boxers in the gym changing room and my straight mate laughed at me for wearing “my dads pants”. Whereas if I wear briefs no one says anything. obviously bbs are still number one by far
  7. They seem to have become the “uncool” thing to wear. When I was a teenager not long ago every British guy wore them. i mostly wear bbs or briefs now but wore regular boxers to the gym the other day my straight mate made fun of me asking why I was wearing “dad pants”. it used to be that briefs were the uncool thing but now seems they are ok but baggy boxers are seen as awful. And most shops no longer sell them. any other UK guys noticed it? Or in any other country? Are they still the most popular in the US? i don’t mind if they have as I wear more
  8. Have they completedly disappeared now? in the UK most places like topman and jack wills have stopped them. It seems they have disappeared overnight here, you can only get old man ones in Next or M and S. In most “cool” shops it’s all trunks and a few briefs. is it the same everywhere? Are loose boxers still big in the USA and Germany? As they used to be the guys who wore them.
  9. Why are you selling them? Switching to a new style?
  10. What kind of underwear are you looking for in London? you will find loads of places for BBS and briefs, like top man jack wills etc bit if ur looking for boxers it may be hard
  11. It seems like more guys on here are wearjng briefs as opposed to boxers and bbs on here has anyone else noticed it? Briefs seem to be number two after bbs and boxers last
  12. Nowadays it's always briefs for me
  13. I just sleep in briefs
  14. What did he think of the briefs after he tried them?
  15. That's cool, what brands of briefs do you wear? Has anyone else done this too?
  16. I have done the same thing. Switched to loose boxers when I was 7, then boxer briefs as a teenager, and have in the last couple of years started wearing hip briefs. Now it's pretty much all I wear. They look much hotter than boxers/boxer briefs and you have non of the riding up issues you get with them. Also I think they are coming back into fashion, at least here in the UK. Zak do you wear briefs full time now?
  17. I think it's just fashion. Briefs and bbs are popular now and boxers aren't
  18. It's worth switching, I used to wear boxers and bbs but once you try briefs you'll never go back. Try ck hip briefs or andrew Christians.
  19. Du anyone here switch from loose woven boxers to boxer briefs? If u did why did u switch and at what age?
  20. Nike football shorts, howl lister t shirt, flip flops and Calvin Klein briefs
  21. Q Wots ,made you fall in love with briefs again?
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