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  1. SaggermanJ

    Selling some undies

    Why are you selling them? Switching to a new style?
  2. SaggermanJ

    Store recommendations in London

    What kind of underwear are you looking for in London? you will find loads of places for BBS and briefs, like top man jack wills etc bit if ur looking for boxers it may be hard
  3. SaggermanJ


    It seems like more guys on here are wearjng briefs as opposed to boxers and bbs on here has anyone else noticed it? Briefs seem to be number two after bbs and boxers last
  4. SaggermanJ

    Boxers vs. Briefs

    Nowadays it's always briefs for me
  5. SaggermanJ


    I just sleep in briefs
  6. SaggermanJ


    Speedos here too
  7. SaggermanJ

    Hotel dilemma

    What did he think of the briefs after he tried them?
  8. SaggermanJ

    Back to briefs

    That's cool, what brands of briefs do you wear? Has anyone else done this too?
  9. SaggermanJ

    Back to briefs

    I have done the same thing. Switched to loose boxers when I was 7, then boxer briefs as a teenager, and have in the last couple of years started wearing hip briefs. Now it's pretty much all I wear. They look much hotter than boxers/boxer briefs and you have non of the riding up issues you get with them. Also I think they are coming back into fashion, at least here in the UK. Zak do you wear briefs full time now?
  10. SaggermanJ

    Boxers vs. Briefs

    I think it's just fashion. Briefs and bbs are popular now and boxers aren't
  11. SaggermanJ

    Trying Briefs

    It's worth switching, I used to wear boxers and bbs but once you try briefs you'll never go back. Try ck hip briefs or andrew Christians.
  12. SaggermanJ

    The switch

    Du anyone here switch from loose woven boxers to boxer briefs? If u did why did u switch and at what age?
  13. SaggermanJ

    What are you wearing right now?

    Nike football shorts, howl lister t shirt, flip flops and Calvin Klein briefs
  14. SaggermanJ

    Switching underwear

    Q Wots ,made you fall in love with briefs again?
  15. SaggermanJ

    How Straigt/gay Are You?

    I'm definitely a 6

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