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  1. 100% straight i jerk off to girls and they turn me on so
  2. i always get a boner when i sag, but i don't get a boner when i'm seeing people sagging. so it's normal yes.
  3. Usually i'm sagging half ass with some colored trunks like Bjorn Borg or Jack & Jones. Got a pair och Jack & Jones jeans that are perfect to sag in and a small shirt so everyone sees my sag
  4. hollister tshirt, pink calvin klein trunks and jack&jones jeans! sagging half ass and i'mwith my friends
  5. i wear axe and it smells great!
  6. hey. I'm going to LA next summer and i will be sagging pretty much by the beach and i want the pefect summer body. So how do i get abs? Really want to impress girls
  7. Hey. What brand is this? It's not American Eagle i believe.. http://img13.imageshack.us/img13/9053/u6p9.jpg
  8. Im wearing everything AE today! AE sweater, AE red underwear boxer briefs (so comfortable) and AE jeans. And in sagging like 3/4
  9. I wear a Hollister sweater. Skinny jeans black. American Eagle grey undies. love then
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