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  1. Bro you got some great sag going bro and you got a smokin body too I enjoyed your pics alot your a yummy guy lol

  2. And he is sporting a double sag! You can see a peek of Calvin Klein underneath the outer underwear!
  3. Yeah, it's really frustrating knowing the brand and the style, but even with all that, Google can't find me any pictures of them. I'm still hoping someone on here has a pair, otherwise I have to wait for him to be sagging with them again. They are just so amazing to see sagging.
  4. I saw the tag once that it showed Next. I've scoured the internet, eBay, everywhere, to no success, because I think they are a few years old. I figured since most people here have a pretty large underwear collection, someone here might have a pair of them lying around home they could take a picture of. I'm not as interested in buying them, more so just what they look like because they look really awesome when sagging. Awesome contrast between the solid grey/white colour for most of it, and then the colourful waistband.
  5. I have seen one of my classmates sagging in Next boxerbriefs, and I am hoping to find a picture of the boxerbriefs he was wearing when sagging. I've searched the internet and checked out the Next clothing website, but they don't have this particular style available anymore (and an email to the company didn't return any fruitful results), so I think they are maybe from a few years ago. The best I can do is describe them. They appear to be in the A-front style and are a sort of solid dark grey colour throughout, except for the waistband which is a floral motif, sort of Hawaiian looking, with m
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