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  1. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CWwHK7PgSUU/?utm_medium=copy_link Great sag on a hot guy with simple white boxers.
  2. As the guys above have said, lobes are not very painful. Keep them clean and let them heal all the way before you change them or gauge up. You will have no problems. In my experience higher up the ear into the cartilage things get sensitive. Pain increases and healing time is longer. The piercings are also a lot more sensitive to bumping and compression. Take really good care of cartilage piercings or you will have to abandon them. I don’t have any nose or lip piercings so I can’t speak to that. Lastly, I highly recommend piercing your nipples. The feeling of touching
  3. I got both ears done with studs when I was 18. I agree with OP it's super hot on guys. Wanna see more guys do it. I'm thinking of getting my cartilage done too.
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