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  1. sagger89


    Is this photo from Björn Borg's swedish exports -campaing that they had couple years back where you could send photo of you wearing their underwear?
  2. sagger89

    Italian Youtubers

    @ryan980 I was wondering what happens in the video where they do the ultimate wedgie with a rope and car . All of their videos are great tho.
  3. sagger89

    Italian Youtubers

    Would someone who understands the language like to make a short summary of the discussion in the latter clip ? I'm just curious what kind of idea led to that situation
  4. Thanks for the add mate. We deffo need to see your sag!

  5. sagger89

    Isac Elliot

    According to wikipedia he was born on 26th of december 2000 so he's 14.
  6. I Do sag skinny jeans too, and I have to say one thing about sagging in skinnies. My advice is to find them with a low-rise cut, and they will sag like automatically. Everytime you bend over or sit down they will slide lower from back since they are quite tight and there's just not enough material to cover your whole butt at that position. My skinnies slide down to halfass from back when i bend over, and it doesn't help to pull them up, they will slide down back the next time you sit or bend over. It feels very nice to sag such pants since there actually is no other choice how to wear them.
  7. Just browsed your pictures throughout...and most of them are awesome !!! good sagging dude keep it going !


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