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  1. uhhh yeah so hot!! But please don't show ppl face on internet without their consent 😅 yeahh man that's hot too
  2. Glad to know Im not the only one! I'd like to have a neighbour as yours 😁 In general I prefer more tough-looking styles, but also your pic is nice!
  3. If made on purpose it would be even hotter 😍 I don't know why naked shoulders are considered as a prerogative of women
  4. The pics by Apis are good but this is not what I mean... I mean the act of keeping one or both shoulders totally uncovered, in public or not
  5. It's hard to find examples LoL This is one of the few images I found on insta, it represents well what I mean (cut for privacy):
  6. Hey, I know your tumblr page! nice to see you here Yes also that kind of shirt, with a hoodie over it Apart from the style, this shoulder thing is a real turn on for me I see this someway like sagging...it's showing a part of your body without caring too much of the people
  7. Hi 👋 I'm 27 from europe What would you think of guys wearing tees/tanks or hoodies off-the-shoulder? I know it's weird...but it's one of my fav fetishes, I don't know why I don't mean girl-looking shirts. I mean regular guys with cool sagging casual/sporty style, but with a shirt or tank with a neck very wide so that it often fells off the shoulder...Or also just keeping a shoulder out on purpose. Am I the only one that would find this hot? 😁
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