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    I'm 26, live in Swindon, into sagging since I was about 16/17
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  1. Spotify Headphones or Loud Speaker?
  2. Amazon Netflix or Amazon Prime?
  3. Nice one bud! Great sag and love the style 👍
  4. hahaha that is a very accurate picture of what I would look like in a mini right there 🤣
  5. Haha you would be right dude! I do not. Genuinely don't believe I can fit in one...not comfortably anyway 🤣
  6. Name: Tom Age: 26 Height: 6'7" Style: Casual/Skate Sexuality: Gay Hobbies/Interests: Gaming (console), driving, sagging (obvs), trips away, love my work, TV Location: England, UK
  7. Shaving (keeping the area neat and tidy) because it looks and feels better Calvin Klein or Hugo Boss
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