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  1. Hope to catch up soon fella. Take care x

    1. miniboxer


      Thanks Lee, hope to catch up with you soon too x

    2. Lee249


      Yeah, I saw your message over on Discord. We must arrange something! I'll give you a ring at the weekend bud (birthday in March) a heads up hehe. Luv ya ❤️


  2. Sorry darlin I'll be in touch ♥️

  3. Hello buddy haven't seen you in forever. Hope your well? 

  4. AE Boxers or boxerbriefs
  5. I've purchased one Lee. My first IPhone and I really like it, its met up my expectations so far and exceed them!
  6. Just my red ae boxers with white eagles all over em
  7. Not to keen on either, but as I have to choose Taylor Swift. Rock or Pop
  8. When I go and do watersports I wear boxerbriefs and boardshorts, otherwise if I'm just swimming I wear white swim shorts (which don't go see through when wet).
  9. Your cheeks do show up better Lee I wear both, but kinda prefer tight at the moment.
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