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  1. hahahaha i think flamey was born in the wrong country since he loves snow so much haha
  2. as many of you are aware on wednesday Canada came under attack, this horrible scene unfolded as a young Reservest soilder stood ceremonial guard on the tomb of the unknown soilder was shot and killed and then the instituion and heart of the countrys government came under seige. many ppl run away from danger but a select few run into danger so thank your local first responders and military perssonel becuase they are the ones who run into danger to keep us safe and free.

  3. another option is to see if you can get it shipped as a commercial sample or a gift that way you can avoid any duties
  4. t-shirt highway (motorway) or backroad
  5. tricky (impossible to push a stretcher through sand)
  6. versa- lee your just a horny cheeky bastard
  7. quick - just like lee in the bedroom in and out like lightning
  8. so for the 2nd time in a week works gone from normal to 100% crazy

  9. sad- me having to pick through the remains to get my stuff out
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