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  1. skatersagger

    How low ?

    yeah, I usually sag 4-6 inches, but I wear underwear, soooo yeah, no naked butt. THat's just fucked up.
  2. skatersagger

    Rioting saggers!

    ******* epic is all I can say.
  3. skatersagger

    sagging in general...

    Yeah, its kinda awkward for everyone to stare, but I dunno, its so common nowadays that people don't really care. It gets really embarrassing when someone tells you to pull 'em up. Anyway, yeah dude its so ******* comfortable I can even being to express it lol. As for them always falling down, thats what a belt is for, like I sag my pants, and then tighten the belt so the sag stays permanent.
  4. skatersagger

    Justin bieberr!

    think, how many fangirls go back again and again? probably at least half of those views are repeats. I think its totally probable. I mean all it takes is 60,000,000 people viewing it 6 times, not that unlikely.
  5. skatersagger

    Justin bieberr!

    "Not many people do" I find that hard to believe unless we are referring to just this forum, as he is the most watched person on youtube (his video Baby has 390,000,000+ views). Best vid of his sag! He knows how to do it.
  6. skatersagger

    What Do Boxers Feel Like?

    I prefer boxers, they just look better to my eyes, less like tighty whities. But I'd agree, try them and see how you like em.
  7. skatersagger

    What are you wearing right now?

    silver bball shorts, and some pink ae boxers.
  8. skatersagger

    What are you wearing right now?

    Absolutely Nothin.
  9. skatersagger


    Sup peeps on saggerworld! Im 18, and I love saggin, its my fav thing to do. I live out at UBC in Vancouver BC, and wanna meet other saggers.

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