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  1. man, what is about rail tracks and poles that tunrs you on - humping a rail track seems kinda hot

  2. luv the new pics - as hot and sexy as ever

  3. as usual - luv all your hot pics man - such a sexy man

  4. luv all your new pics man - you are so so hot - luv your body

  5. Thanks for your comments mate! Blood pressure's doing just fine though! Lol. ;)

  6. LOVE all your pics - you are one sexy guy - such a cute ***. Do we get to see more? Talk about steamy. Phew!

  7. Me - far away New Zealand

    1. Rbentley


      What part of Wellington me naenae

  8. luv the new pics man - the sexiest man on this site!

  9. do you have any private pics

  10. man your pics are so hot - great body

  11. are snowboard pants American?

  12. great new albums - your one hot sexy man

  13. nice pics - pretty stunning yourself

  14. Love your pics man - your one hot dude.

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