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  1. Well... I must admit, June in Orlando is quite humid and WET!

    I took a lot of videos and pics, but June 4th at SeaWorld fucked up my phone. 

    Even though I took a precaution of wrapping it up in a Walgreens bag, it wasn't enough to F**** up the phone.

    It was a wild ******* thunderstorm. I played under the shower in my JNCO full outfit. (Yet to be seen on YouTube....[Guy gets wet at SeaWorld}).  One hundred million people have cellphones, yet nobody captured me at SeaWorld at 3pm EST on June 4th. The only guy walking through puddles during a thunderstorm in complete JNCO gear. 

    My phone died there. The last that I ever had. I don't know yet if the cloud kept all my photos. Well have to see. 

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