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  1. I like to suck wet low hanging fruit. Fully clothed in the pool.

    1. ElCarnicero


      You naughty lad! A funny coincidence...there was a young guy who worked in a Trader Joe's in my neighborhood, and I used to call him "The River Rat"!

  2. Well, Orlando was hot and sticky as I expected. The 4th had a wonderous rainstorm at SeaWorld. I was geared out in my JNCO gear. Wish you were there. Those Florida thunderstorms...a great downpouring shower fully clothed. I only hoped one of the 10,000 people in the park that day captured me on their cellphone walking fully clothed in JNCO gear in the ankle deep puddles.

    I've searched since I've got back on YouBoob...nobody has posted that wild thunderstorm yet.

    Still looking for myself....

  3. Well... I must admit, June in Orlando is quite humid and WET!

    I took a lot of videos and pics, but June 4th at SeaWorld fucked up my phone. 

    Even though I took a precaution of wrapping it up in a Walgreens bag, it wasn't enough to F**** up the phone.

    It was a wild ******* thunderstorm. I played under the shower in my JNCO full outfit. (Yet to be seen on YouTube....[Guy gets wet at SeaWorld}).  One hundred million people have cellphones, yet nobody captured me at SeaWorld at 3pm EST on June 4th. The only guy walking through puddles during a thunderstorm in complete JNCO gear. 

    My phone died there. The last that I ever had. I don't know yet if the cloud kept all my photos. Well have to see. 

  4. Anyone know why Baggysagging.de is down?

    1. lowsager


      Happens from time to time. Itll come back.

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