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  1. Oh yeah I seen it was 1 year ago..and yeah that was me
  2. Oh but we talked about wedgie in my topic "wedgie/pantsing stories".
  3. As you can see I am from Hungary
  4. Yeah share it. I dont have more wedgie story. Only pantsing
  5. Oh no..while wearing sweatpants.
  6. Hm. I got pantsings almost daily😂
  7. Hm not bad. They don't include double pantsing
  8. Oh no. I mean pantsing videos/forums or anything connected to this. Wedgie is a little bit more common.. wedgie is "gatyázás" in hungarian. Pantsing is "legatyázás". "Le" is down, "gatya" is a slang for trousers.
  9. Yeah but I havent seen videos from Hungary.
  10. Hm. Most of the pantsing and wedgie videos are from USA. England or Australia.
  11. Nobody else received pantsings? I thought it is so common prank in America and England.
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