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  1. They took those down and not the original posts? Weird... Reminds me of having playlists I've made on YouTube deleted for "violating community guidelines" while whatever video is in violation stays up... 🤦‍♂️
  2. Which posts have they deleted?
  3. saggin

    A Or B?

    2 bedroom, and preferably 2.5-3 baths, 2 ensuite. Walk in closet or freestanding wardrobe?
  4. Two dogs in the family, a german shepherd and a husky wheaten terrier mix.
  5. And those early y-fronts certainly didn't leave a lot to the imagination 😏😏🥵
  6. Jockey briefs have been around since the 1920s... possibly earlier.
  7. Naturally a chestnut brown, but I've had it platinum blond for over two years now lol, I love it haha
  8. I think I have over 250 pairs at this point and I'm now fully overwhelmed by how many I have. I need to do a big declutter lol
  9. Haha, I prefer pancakes from scratch myself 😂 but you need a good recipe. I haven't tried any breads that don't need kneading so far, but I've got a stand mixer that makes it much easier, kneading by hand is so much work lol. A lot of vegans don't eat any animal products so I've had to modify recipes a lot, but others aren't as stringent about that.
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