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  1. Naturally a chestnut brown, but I've had it platinum blond for over two years now lol, I love it haha
  2. I think I have over 250 pairs at this point and I'm now fully overwhelmed by how many I have. I need to do a big declutter lol
  3. Haha, I prefer pancakes from scratch myself 😂 but you need a good recipe. I haven't tried any breads that don't need kneading so far, but I've got a stand mixer that makes it much easier, kneading by hand is so much work lol. A lot of vegans don't eat any animal products so I've had to modify recipes a lot, but others aren't as stringent about that.
  4. I love to bake all year round! I mostly tend to make cookies, cakes or cupcakes, I make a mean buttercream, I'm also great with bread (including cinnamon rolls haha), and I've tried muffins a few times. And my pancakes are always a favorite haha Also learned how to make vegan versions for my boyfriend and some of my friends and family who are vegan.
  5. I second @Lee249 's second suggestion if wedgies aren't working. Pantsing him is a great idea imo, a classic, almost always gets a good reaction and if you do it in a busy public place he'll have a hard time one upping it.
  6. That's Lil' Huddy, the TikTokker lol. He used to sag really low sometimes in his tiktoks but hasn't in a long time sadly.
  7. saggin

    A Or B?

    Stand mixer (best thing ever!) Cake or cupcakes?
  8. saggin

    A Or B?

    Sex at home, it's cleaner haha Prada or Saint Laurent?
  9. I think it's cool when guys paint their nails. Doesn't go with my style so I don't do anything with my nails, but I like, I could. I also just like nail art lol, it's pretty cool, I even learned how to do Acrylics, they're like little sculptures when you get into 3D designs haha! I could probably become a nail tech if I wanted to hahahaha
  10. Ugh!! So hot, love a sag like that! I was hoping they'd fall down lol, but it's fine haha
  11. Never heard of the brand before but they look cool as hell. Any chance you know how to find out about their sizing, I can't find a size chart on their website.
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