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  1. That's Lil' Huddy, the TikTokker lol. He used to sag really low sometimes in his tiktoks but hasn't in a long time sadly.
  2. saggin

    A Or B?

    Stand mixer (best thing ever!) Cake or cupcakes?
  3. saggin

    A Or B?

    Sex at home, it's cleaner haha Prada or Saint Laurent?
  4. I think it's cool when guys paint their nails. Doesn't go with my style so I don't do anything with my nails, but I like, I could. I also just like nail art lol, it's pretty cool, I even learned how to do Acrylics, they're like little sculptures when you get into 3D designs haha! I could probably become a nail tech if I wanted to hahahaha
  5. Ugh!! So hot, love a sag like that! I was hoping they'd fall down lol, but it's fine haha
  6. Never heard of the brand before but they look cool as hell. Any chance you know how to find out about their sizing, I can't find a size chart on their website.
  7. Literally wanted to see that happen for so long lol
  8. Love it, so ******* hot!
  9. It's more likely, if they were human traffickers approaching him, they would have been recruiting someone to into the trafficking operation, not looking for someone to kidnap. Same with any other possible shady scenario.
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