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  1. Naturally a chestnut brown, but I've had it platinum blond for over two years now lol, I love it haha
  2. I think I have over 250 pairs at this point and I'm now fully overwhelmed by how many I have. I need to do a big declutter lol
  3. Thank you! I've always loved cars and I feel lucky I've been able to drive three fun ones.
  4. They're fun, but cost a lot to maintain and aren't great to drive in modern traffic, overhearing was a big issue. Since no one in the family ever drove it, my parents and I ended up deciding to trade it in to a dealer that sells modern and classic cars recently, along with my dad's Jaguar XK for a Range Rover Evoque lol
  5. Thanks man, I seriously love it. Such a comfortable ride, surprisingly practical because it's spacious, and looks very sexy. I also like having a convertible as big as awesome sedan haha. I love a land yacht
  6. Technically the first car I've owned is my third car since it's registered in my name, so I'll give all three. First was a 1967 Mgb GT my parents gave me (that we already owned and I only drove five times) First real car I used (it was my car but in a parents name) was my 2000 BMW 323ci convertible. Manual transmission, lots of fun, power head rests but a manual convertible top lol. The first car I've actually owned is my 2012 BMW 650i Cabriolet, and I'm just in love with it.
  7. Haha, I prefer pancakes from scratch myself 😂 but you need a good recipe. I haven't tried any breads that don't need kneading so far, but I've got a stand mixer that makes it much easier, kneading by hand is so much work lol. A lot of vegans don't eat any animal products so I've had to modify recipes a lot, but others aren't as stringent about that.
  8. I love to bake all year round! I mostly tend to make cookies, cakes or cupcakes, I make a mean buttercream, I'm also great with bread (including cinnamon rolls haha), and I've tried muffins a few times. And my pancakes are always a favorite haha Also learned how to make vegan versions for my boyfriend and some of my friends and family who are vegan.
  9. I second @Lee249 's second suggestion if wedgies aren't working. Pantsing him is a great idea imo, a classic, almost always gets a good reaction and if you do it in a busy public place he'll have a hard time one upping it.
  10. That's Lil' Huddy, the TikTokker lol. He used to sag really low sometimes in his tiktoks but hasn't in a long time sadly.
  11. saggin

    A Or B?

    Stand mixer (best thing ever!) Cake or cupcakes?
  12. saggin

    A Or B?

    Sex at home, it's cleaner haha Prada or Saint Laurent?
  13. I think it's cool when guys paint their nails. Doesn't go with my style so I don't do anything with my nails, but I like, I could. I also just like nail art lol, it's pretty cool, I even learned how to do Acrylics, they're like little sculptures when you get into 3D designs haha! I could probably become a nail tech if I wanted to hahahaha
  14. Ugh!! So hot, love a sag like that! I was hoping they'd fall down lol, but it's fine haha
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