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  1. ROFLL very tempting 2 to wanna try nd throw stuff in there 不不
  2. thats what i mean, ppl were takin pics of this guy coz he was sagging, unless you define sagging as with underwear only. Would it be sagging if a bit of underwear was visible lol?
  3. yeah cant argue with that, underwear is defs considered less socially inappropriate than buttcrack
  4. yea i get where your comin from, i jus called it sagging cause assuming he knows his pants are a little low i thought maybe he thinks his sagging but his underwear didnt get the memo 不不
  5. cant believe no one told him lol everyone just kept posting in our massive facebook group rofl so know hes famous LOL
  6. LOL you out here giving people wedgies?? who are u a schoolyard bully 不 yea fair enough
  7. if someone has a wedgie while sagging? lol well I dunno whats better, sagging with a wedgie or sagging with buttcrack? cause tose are my options lol
  8. yea but its not at all comfortable lol and im not sure if it looks weird when sagging
  9. @Berlinsagger you might be interested in this rofl
  10. its with all my underwear tho and theyre different sizes lol, hold up ill do a post showin u what i mean
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