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  1. You're on a site about looking at guys butts and it surprises you that it's gay?
  2. Anyone want to talk about sagging or underwear? I'm bored right now and kinda just feel like chatting. Just send me a private message. 

  3. At most you'll get told to pull them up, but unless you're super low you probably won't get in trouble especially early on into the year.
  4. I have a work crush, isnt really my type but he's something to look at when I'm bored.
  5. Going swimming with 3 layers of pants on sounds absolutely awful. To each his own but I just can't understand why anyone would want that
  6. The first one looks like you put a thong over a pair of boxer briefs lol
  7. If you're spending a lot time around a kid or kids then sure but if you're just walking past then no, there's no need to.
  8. I've seen so many supermarket workers sagging, I'm sure you'll be fine
  9. Demonize saggers, my God you guys are dramatic. This one guy is not even close to popular enough for this argument.
  10. You said some nonsense about this one dude's sags being used against us which is just wrong. Just say you don't like it, that's fine you don't have to make up a clearly incorrect reason to justify it.
  11. You don't need to hope, literally nobody on earth will go I hate sagging because of this obscure British singer. No need to get your panties in a wad about him embarrassing you lol.
  12. He's no where near famous enough for that to be a concern lol
  13. Nvm found a hot actual wedgie with him. At 9 minutes in for the wedgie https://youtu.be/-fmrtLwaM4A
  14. The fact he gave him a pants wedgie when his underwear was right there is a disappointment lol.
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