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  1. Pokemon

    A Or B?

    Pc Stuck in a baby swing or stuck in a dog door
  2. Pokemon

    Face Masks or Face Covering

    Nobody really cares about flag code, the super patriotic "America is the best country ever" people are the ones who break it the most lol.
  3. Pokemon


    Yeah I find it really hot both giving and getting
  4. Pokemon

    boys friends who don't wear sagging

    The best way to be friends with a sagger is to see them as a person instead of a sagger. Actually get to know them instead of just wanting to be around them to look at their undies.
  5. Pokemon

    boys friends who don't wear sagging

    Horrible advice, in no way would him telling a random guy he "likes his sag" go well for him. Realistically at best he'll get a "thanks?"
  6. Pokemon

    boys friends who don't wear sagging

    You'd be a very shallow person if you were only friends with people who dress the way you want
  7. Pokemon


    It's the pulling a guys underwear up their ass, theres just something really hot about it for me. Like they are getting very softly dominated I guess
  8. Pokemon


    I'd wait until you got down the lift you up by your briefs and hang you
  9. Pokemon

    Nike sweats 5 .jpg

    Super hot causal sag
  10. Pokemon

    Coronavirus outbreak

    Oh yeah that's fine then.
  11. Pokemon

    Coronavirus outbreak

    All I'm saying is wear a mask or cover the face if you're outside. Its such a minor inconvenience that can save someone's life and it baffles me people act like its such a chore.
  12. Pokemon

    Coronavirus outbreak

    Don't be an *******, wear a mask if you go outside it's literally the least you can ******* do but it's apparently asking too much for a lot of people.
  13. Pokemon

    Coronavirus outbreak

    You've always been one of the most level headed people here, but yeah I hate this opinion. The if I get it I get it argument doesnt work since it doesnt just effect you it effects everyone you come in contact with, someone's mom, grandparents etc. hell think of your own grandfather, imagine someone else doesn't give a **** and has the virus and they infect him so he gets it. People need to stop seeing the masks and quarantine as a protection against themselves and more of one protecting other people. But people suck and think their own lives matter more than anyone else's .
  14. Pokemon

    Sagging adjustment

    It really isnt that harsh, it's just life. You don't always get to do everything you want to do.
  15. Pokemon

    Sagging adjustment

    No dress codes are weird but they are important since many jobs also have them and it's better to learn that early on. But it's weird he's actually touching them like my school would just have people put their hands down and if the skirt was below the fingertips it's too short

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