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  1. Pretty much anything is a fetish tbh. If you can think it, people someone get off to it
  2. I said hottest, not only hot lol. It's really all just personal opinion either way, like the one above does nothing for me.
  3. Eh to me your hottest pics are ones where you aren't double sagging tbh
  4. It's just wearing your pants lower, NOBODY made a mockery of it lol take it down like 10 notches
  5. That gray one just looks like someone gave you an atomic wedgie and ripped your underwear over your head lol. To me its just silly, like why even wear a shirt at that point
  6. It's not too big a deal, just pull them up a little every once in a while
  7. He's a troll tbh. Most of what he says is fake
  8. Buy a smaller size or just pull them up every once in a while.
  9. You have nice abs so I'd go for one with them in it
  10. Wife beater is just a white trash way to say tank top. Most people don't call it that. It's an outdated term but I'm not surprised given who brought it up lol
  11. In America we call these wrestling singlets
  12. if anyone wants to talk about sagging or underwear just pm me

  13. Like a tank top or like the full body singlet? Because I don't think I've seen people really wear the full body one, although I guess you cant tell since its probably going under your pants anyway lol
  14. If you sleep with teens as an adult you're still called a pedo, regardless if it's the dictionary definition or not. how many people do you think actually uses the term ephebophila? I'll stand by it, if you're over 18 dont F**** people under 18, it's gross. Just wait the week instead lol.
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