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  1. Pokemon

    younger with older

    I don't care as long as it's legal, but at the same time, I personally wouldn't go for anyone over like 10 years older than me.
  2. Pokemon

    jeans with rips and holes

    Love ripped jeans. Black ripped skinny jeans are a huge turn on.
  3. Calvin Klein is extremely popular lol. You see way more straight guys wear them.
  4. Pokemon

    Saggers talking to non-saggers

    It's not about confidence it's about a stranger talking about your underwear lol it's just kinda weird. Even if they are sagging it doesn't mean they want any random stranger to comment on it. Also this needs to be stressed, not wanting or caring about random comments about your appearance is far from lack of confidence, it's the opposite.
  5. Pokemon

    Saggers talking to non-saggers

    I mean that's a pretty normal reaction I'd say lol. Remember to most people, sagging ISN'T as big of a deal as we make it out to be, they don't see it as a fetish or a lifestyle, it's just a way to wear your pants. Also most guys are straight and commenting on a stranger's underwear is kinda odd even if you can see it.
  6. Pokemon

    Worst Ways to Sag

    Yes. It just feels like a tease lol
  7. Pokemon

    How Straigt/gay Are You?

    I should hope this is a joke
  8. Pokemon

    Smoking Saggers

    Big turn off, hate the smell, I'm fine with weed but cigarettes are disgusting.
  9. I see saggers everyday and I'm in Maine of all places lol
  10. I really hope you're trolling because if not please don't have children. It's creepy as hell to tell a ******* 8 year old about masterbation. And forcing him to sag is weird. Honestly this whole thread is weird like why is it so important for people that their kid sag? It's weird
  11. I worked with kids this summer and one of my coworkers would always sag. I didn't tho, I would find it weird sagging around only kids tbh
  12. Pokemon


    Big wedgie guy here, it's what got me into sagging in the first place, hoping I'd get lucky and get one lol. I think it's super hot to give them to sagging guys.
  13. Pokemon

    Saggers talking to non-saggers

    Only talking to saggers means you're quiet most of the time. Sagging is a fetish or lifestyle choice but it's important you don't let it become your entire life
  14. 0, it's weak trolling for internet standards.
  15. Been naturally sagging a lot lately, lost weight so my old pants aren't staying up, maybe some pics by the end of the week


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