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  1. Speaking my kind oflanguage a
  2. Lol of course I would
  3. Well the post was 3 years old so
  4. That would be really hot
  5. Yeah I'm not mean lol
  6. Yeah I don't give those for that reason lol
  7. Lol I have a few old fotls i could stand to lose
  8. Lol if only Nah a melvin when you grab the front 0f someone's undies and pull up to their nips lol. Very painful
  9. There's the front wedgie or Melvin, those hurt more so I never do them. I stick to regular ones tbh
  10. I like both, more into giving but it would be hot to get one tbh
  11. Nah a doorframe would never support the weight of even a teenager, the undies would just rip right away without hanging
  12. The idea of giving someone a "self defense" wedgie is very funny to me like come on now
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