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  1. Pokemon

    A Or B?

    Justin bieber Find a big hole in your favorite pair of underwear or wear your pants up over your bellybutton like an old man for a week
  2. Pokemon

    One day without pants in the subway

    I feel like this works much better as a fantasy than reality, you likely won't see the type of people you wanna see lol
  3. Pokemon

    A Or B?

    I mean this is a game, neither are actually going to happen...... Custard I guess Wear a thong for a week or wear overalls for a week
  4. Pokemon

    A Or B?

    Showers, I'm too impatient for baths lol Get wedgied in public when sagging but only a few people see or get pantsed in front of your friends but your underwear comes down with them
  5. Pretty bored, pm if you wanna talk sagging underwear or whatever 

  6. Pokemon

    Exposed underwear

    When I first started I would bend down a lot and pull the back of my shirt up slightly. but now that im more comfortable sagging I just expose my underwear with sagging alone
  7. Pokemon

    Exposed underwear

    if you reach behind and give yourself a wedgie, you'll show a lot of underwear. But in all seriousness the way I do it is by just sagging, just keep simple
  8. Pokemon

    If I wedgied you

    Lol I love this answer
  9. Pokemon

    If I wedgied you

    I'd be impressed tbh I've never had a pair reach my head without ripping lol. I'd get you back, but not right away, I'd wait until you let your guard down like you were relaxing on the couch and just give you the biggest wedgie of your life
  10. Pokemon

    A Or B?

    Boxerbriefs. Give justin bieber a wedgie or get a wedgie from him
  11. New year new me, added pics yesterday and I'm going to continue uploading more this year. Maybe some wedgies but I doubt anyone but me cares about that lol

    1. Sagmaster999


      Rude lol, other people care bout those. Haha cant wait man

  12. Pokemon

    I’ve stolen my friends brothers underwear

    I used to always steal them from the lost and found at my dorm laundry room. It always felt really hot sagging in them around people not knowing if it was theirs or not
  13. Pokemon

    Masturbating At School

    I couldn't even get away with texting in most classes and yall were out there jacking off lol
  14. Got some new underwear so might add more pics before the year ends

  15. Pokemon

    We can do it

    I mean in real life that's considered a **** move.

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