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  1. Parents be given a front wedgie or be given an atomic wedgie
  2. Sometimes you want one but dont feel like trying to get someone to do it lol. It's common for this fetish since it can be an embarrassing thing to bring up to others, people just give themselves ones
  3. Lol there's really not much more you can do besides sag and get lucky, so much easier to give than get
  4. Neither lol tho sometimes I'd wedgie myself in the stolen undies lol. Not enough to rip them of course since I'd return them to the lost and found at the end of the year.
  5. OP said they don't see many guys in briefs but like you cant really tell most times since they look very similar to boxer briefs
  6. I've mentioned it before lol and it wasnt a room it was a box in the laundry room. Hell a lot of my album pics were in the stolen undies like the leaf boxers one lol
  7. T shirt Be given a wedgie accidentally when trying to hop a fence Or Be given a wedgie by your friend in public
  8. I used to take some in college from the lost and found at the laundry room. But at the end of the year I'd put them back lol
  9. I mean how do you know people you see aren't wearing briefs? You can't really tell looking at someone if they are wearing briefs or boxer briefs unless their pants are super tight lol Realistically tho they are probably wearing boxer briefs
  10. That's true lol. A more subtle approach would be to accidentally tuck your shirt into the back of your underwear. Although idk if you need to be subtle, I'm sure this other dude is also into wedgies if he's willing to give you them back
  11. Idk I always wanna give guys in crop tops a wedgie, just because it's so easy without the shirt getting in the way lol.
  12. Oh he knows I like them lol. I'd suggest "tieing" your shoe with your shirt riding up a little. or hell if it's nice wear a crop top lol
  13. That implies either are real in the first place lol
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