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  1. Pokemon

    Sagging on buttcrack

    See I hate that look, too much like a plumber for my taste
  2. Pokemon

    Sagging on buttcrack

    Most people don't like their underwear up their asses so they don't let them go deep
  3. Pokemon

    Sagging on buttcrack

    Well yeah they don't go so deep because people pull them out lol.
  4. Pokemon

    Sagging on buttcrack

    Like a wedgie?
  5. Was on a cruise this week and nearly fell down the stairs since I was staring at this super hot guy tanning in just tight black boxer briefs. 

  6. Pokemon

    Sagging for the delivery guy ;)

    He's a delivery man, his job is to get there and leave as quickly as possible, he likely won't even remember what you're wearing by the time he's back on his car
  7. Pokemon


    But it would be super hot to get one from a hot sagger as well.
  8. Pokemon

    what would u guys do to me?

    Give you a massive wedgie then see from there
  9. Pokemon

    Most popular type of underwear by country

    We get it, people don't wear boxers where you live, you don't have to keep posting it
  10. New album up guys

  11. Pokemon

    Finding a sagger boyfriend

    You could always secretly replace his pants with ones the next size up, then he has to sag. In all seriousness it's not surprising he doesn't see it as sagging and just a way to wear pants since it is for most guys just a way to wear pants
  12. Pokemon

    What do you guys think sagging is all about?

    Style is subjective, what you consider stylish or a "good outfit" someone else might consider ugly tho.
  13. Pokemon

    Gay guys and u derwear

    I have noticed a lot of gay guys wear briefs but in general boxer btiefs are the most popular. Why are all your posts about this tho? Boxer briefs are in general more popular but there are outliers everywhere
  14. Pokemon

    Loose woven boxers

    I only got one pair but I wear them like once a week
  15. Pokemon

    COPS / Live PD

    id be such a bad cop, id be so tempted to wedgie them while they are handcuffed lol

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