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  1. Pokemon


    I'm talking about wearing them over other underwear lol
  2. Pokemon


    Do people besides old school superheroes actually do this?
  3. Pokemon

    Any tips on how to sag without anyone noticing?

    Just sag when you're not around them
  4. Pokemon

    I Have A Wedgie Fetish

    Pshh that's the good thing about sagging, it makes it super easy
  5. Pokemon

    I Have A Wedgie Fetish

    Like by giving you one first😉
  6. Pokemon

    I Have A Wedgie Fetish

    I'm like 60/40 give, I like getting but there's just something about giving them to hot saggers that really gets me going
  7. Pokemon

    I Have A Wedgie Fetish

    Nah I think he might at least a little, I've tried to get people to give me them like that when I was younger and thry never would no matter how many wedgies I gave them lol
  8. Pokemon


    Id try atomic and for the briefs I'd probably pull high normally then pull by the leg holes
  9. Pokemon


    Depends on the underwear, wouldn't want to rip an expensive pair
  10. Pokemon

    Am I gay ?

    This is literally me when I was like 16 but add wedgies and sagging. But I came to realize I wasn't attracted to women as much as guys, or at all really, my advice is don't worry about it, I've bounced around labels for awhile. Maybe you're gay, maybe bi, hell you could be asexual if you're not turned on by sex
  11. Pokemon

    Loose woven boxers

    I mean they dont really care lol it's quicker to just say boxers and for most guys it's just underwear
  12. Pokemon

    Loose woven boxers

    They are still popular but less popular. I'd say boxer briefs have overtaken them. Tho a lot of people just call boxer briefs boxers
  13. Pokemon

    I hate myself

    You shouldn't, you're perfect
  14. Tbh this whole idea is weird to me. Delivery people are just trying to do their jobs, not be part of some fantasy you have about being seen in your underwear. Sagging is fine but like it takes 2 seconds to put pants on and you can just take them off when they leave, no need to be that dude who the driver likely talks **** about when they leave your house lol.
  15. Pokemon

    younger with older

    I don't care as long as it's legal, but at the same time, I personally wouldn't go for anyone over like 10 years older than me.

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