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  1. Lol maybe not atomic wouldn't want to rip them
  2. Oh yeah forgot that was you tbh. In my defense I asked the question about other counties a year ago lol.
  3. I'd love to wedgie those, not too much tho wouldn't want to ruin them
  4. If anyone wants to talk underwear or sagging just send me a pm. Super bored and feeling chatty 

    1. Lee249


      Oh... My mouth is usually full but chat is good 😋

    2. Lee249


      Get your boredom jacksy over to Discord fella x 

    3. Emohotboy


      What kind of underwear do you wear for sagging? I can unbored you 

  5. I'd like them all but not in public lol
  6. Not as well as I'd hope, been swamped with work and other personal **** lately
  7. I also like giving ones to boxers, pulling those ugly plaid ones into a wedgie is really hot lol
  8. Who are you even addressing, this site is like 99% gay/ bi.... Like what is this tangent you're going on dude
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