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  1. Pokemon

    We can do it

    I mean in real life that's considered a **** move.
  2. Pokemon


    Damn those look great on you
  3. Pokemon

    What do you sleep in

    Yeah mostly some times shirtless or in shorts
  4. Pokemon

    Foto 2019-11-28 10 36 29.jpg

    Those are cute
  5. Pokemon

    What do you sleep in

    I just wear whatever I'm wearing that day tbh.
  6. If anyone wants to talk sagging or underwear, pm me. Super bored right now 

  7. Pokemon

    A Or B?

    Trackies Be given a wedgie or be given a swirly
  8. Pokemon


    Just wear a belt so you can decide where you want them
  9. Pokemon


    Those boxers are really cute
  10. Pokemon

    What do I do?

    You're only 17,, don't get so hung up on labels, you have your whole life to figure out what you want. Bisexuality isn't just this stepping stone to gay tho, that's a pretty ignorant stereotype. You can like both but prefer one, to the other and still be bisexual.
  11. Pokemon

    What will happen when I'm 18?

    Don't be in such a hurry to get older, it kinda sucks lol
  12. Pokemon

    A Or B?

    Pork Get a wedgie from a hot sagger or give one to them
  13. Pokemon

    What should I wear for Halloween

    I mean Halloween is a time of year where you can dress however you want and nobody would really bat an eye. If you want to sag lower then sag lower. As for a costume, it's tomorrow so you probably should have planned it better.
  14. Pokemon

    What should I wear for Halloween

    What drugs are you on
  15. Pokemon



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