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  1. Pokemon

    Who loves to piss in the pants?

    You see this isn't sexy to me, it's disgusting and selfish, act like an adult and stop making other people clean up your messes
  2. Pokemon

    What are you wearing right now?

    Blue fotl boxer briefs
  3. Bored, if anyone wants to talk about sagging or underwear send me a pm

  4. Pokemon

    What is in your underwear drawer

    Or just wear compression shorts, people don't really use jock straps anymore. For sports at least, I know they've become more popular with the gay community as regular underwear
  5. Pokemon

    Jerking off in public

    Thats what im saying, its disgusting lol
  6. Pokemon

    Jerking off in public

    You seem confused, in the above post he says he pees in the sink at McDonald's
  7. Pokemon

    Word Association Game

  8. Pokemon

    Jerking off in public

    Its one thing to do that, its an entirely different thing to leave your pee in a sink where people go to wash hands. That's not hot, its gross and inconsiderate
  9. Pokemon

    Jerking off in public

    Please don't do this, fast food bathrooms are disgusting enough without people peeing in the sinks
  10. Pokemon

    Bro code fantasy

    I mean then there just would be much less saggers like that lol
  11. Pokemon

    A Or B?

    Belt Wear panties or wear high heels
  12. Pokemon

    There's a Disney sketch about sagging

    It's a Disney channel show, it's not that deep
  13. Pokemon

    There's a Disney sketch about sagging

    It's a disney channel show, the joke is "Haha you can see underwear" which will make the 8 year olds watching laughm
  14. Pokemon


    Im the opposite, I never go commando, I love the feeling of underwear
  15. Not chatted to you in a while my friend. How are you rolling? All the best, Lee

    1. Pokemon


      Im good, been busy with work lately 

    2. Lee249


      I'm back in two weeks mate. The new PPE measures will take a while to get used to but i'm ready for it. 


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