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  1. I mean it's simple, just pull them up when asked then immediately down again once you go to the next class. Yeah it's dumb but you're probably like 16 so just do it.
  2. I'm sure you've gotten a few with that cute ass of yours
  3. Lol how about you share a wedgie story lee
  4. Lol how about you daddyysgums, you got any wedgie stories
  5. Lol I love that youre searching for wedgie stuff
  6. Not really relevant since this is a person who puts videos of himself online specifically for people to watch him work out.
  7. I just have to admit you got one of the best profile sag pic ever bro 

    1. Pokemon


      I don't know about that but thanks

    2. Daddysgums


      Your jeans just snug your butt perfectly 

  8. Idk what the Hungarian word for it is, do they just call it a wedgie when they do it?
  9. Wedgies are global, I've seen a lot from Spanish speaking countries like Mexico and Brazil has a lot as well, they just call it different in Portuguese
  10. Yeah neither are too common, im sure I've seen pantsing but i don't really remember them
  11. I mean thinking about guys while you're having sex with a woman isnt very straight lol. Probably just bicurious
  12. Thousands of times? He must have a crush on you cause that's excessive lol
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