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  1. I think he means like athletic tights
  2. No I understand why people do it, I just don't find it sexy. I like seeing underwear.
  3. Honestly for me one of the most disappointing things about seeing a hot guy sagging is when you notice they are wearing basketball shorts under them.
  4. You wear way too many layers, how do you not get sweaty
  5. It wasn't down to me was that low life. Hope we're all good buddy. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Lee249


      Glad we're good buddy 👍 I was a bit upset the other day & tbh I overreacted. I'm normally fairly chilled. I don't like conflict that isn't me x 

    3. Astg94



      Now that I see you and Pokémon are all good and you’re feeling better, Lee… we better give you a wedgie as seen in the gif! 😂🤣😂🤣

    4. jjbaria19


      Just tie each other up for God's sake 😑

  6. Anyone else got some wedgie stories to share?
  7. That same blog says we need a law against sagging so yeah let's not take it as gospel
  8. Because you can wear whatever you want regardless of what some random blog says
  9. Bored today; if anyone wants to talk about underwear or sagging or anything just pm me

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    2. Dillon


      Jail not that bad if you can deal with being bored and the bad smells



      message if u wanna chat about underwear

    4. Lee249



      Hope we can move on from for that carrying on in TikTok just wanna calm the waters mate. Let's rise above it thanks 👍 you've always been a good friend.


  10. So compression shorts are undies made not to give you a wedgie when doing sports, they are super stretchy without being as painful as regular boxer briefs when pulled
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