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  1. The tide is high, but me pants are low I'm gonna be your number one
  2. My evening routine: I completely undress except for wide boxer shorts and a cap. Then I remove everything from my bed, except the covered mattress, lay on my stomach and rub my bed without using my hands until I shoot in my boxer shorts. The garnished boxers end up in the laundry.
  3. Dope song by 01099 and Ski Aggu. I really love the low Scarface jeans!
  4. Another song by the underrated German rapper Seife with a dope sag at 1:15
  5. Another German rap song. I don’t like the lyrics, but the swag of the clothes. Nice underwear reveal at 2:32
  6. Another aggressive left German rap song. Hot sag at 1:17
  7. Seife is a rather underrated German rapper known from some video battlerap tournaments. At 0:34 he shows his damn sexy body and his Joop! boxer briefs.
  8. I really love that song. Aggressive beat and some nice sags!
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