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  1. Question about anal sex

    before my first time, i had been fingering and sticking things in, then when it happened, i told him i wanted him in me, and he put on a rubber glove, and lubed it and me up. he fingered me for a long time and got me loose... then he used a toy, that had a rubber on it and was lubed up... after about 15-20 mins of that, he lubed up the condom he put on, and pushed it in slowly.... it was amazing I came with in minutes, and even came again before we were done... keep in mind i was barely 14, and small built, i think i was in size 14 or 16 boys boxers. he was atleast 6.5 maybe 7....very thick, we did it a lot after that... and it was always enjoyable while he was doing me, it was only sore after for a little while... all the first timers i've done the same way,...lubed them up and finger them show them the right way to do it... do it right and they're hooked forever.... also if your flexible enough like me, fk & sk them at the same time lol.....
  2. How tO find gay/ bi in area

    if you have a smart phone, get the Grindr app....i love it!!!!!!
  3. Justin bieberr!

    but i'd rather let Shaiman top me, cause he's more manly.....i'd still bone bieber lol
  4. Justin bieberr!

    Very nice...
  5. Justin bieberr!

    I've been a bottom all my life....but i would so bend him over, he doesn't come across as a guy that could be an aggressive top....im 17, i can think like that! IMO, he's so slender, boxers aren't as hot on him as boxerbriefs, briefs, ya know tighter undies... he's kind of a dorky, and almost shy..... i can't wait for his nuts to drop and him to come out of the closet.... i just think he would "little" down there.... however this video seems to indicate differently.... Grab your lube.....i think he's freeballin..... he has a lot of swing... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0JgzyuJFSGg for all you in love with him... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4iU88b1FhWg&feature=related justin with a woodie http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2FfWl8PdHAQ&feature=related showing his abs and Taylor Lautner's abs... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-CD7_QlsNac&feature=related
  6. wats up there

  7. Hey dude

    Yeah, please uploade some pics - even if its just of the underwear u have taken from other boys, your sneaks or just a tiny bit of ur sag ;P

  8. hey dude - u outta snap a few pics n make a profile album!! please??

  9. sexual habits

    idk if im allowed to post other sites....but i love www.jackinworld.com there's so many different ways to bust a nutt on there!!!!!! try em they're good....i like the banana.....lol
  10. shooting your spunk

    i try to come on my chest or face(my mouth if possible) ....or i've got a few pairs of other boys underwear i'll jizz up....
  11. are you cut on uncut?

    17 and cut...... unfortuneately... i think uncut guys are hot!!!!
  12. Has anything embarrassing ever happened when you sagged?

    saturday, i caught a friend (related to him actually but not close) checking out other saggers and he has no idea im into saggers and other boys... he's a younger guy (13), it made me hot to think he may be checkin out guys, and me gave me a total woody... i was wearing blue hanes boxerbriefs and CK jeans, showing 3-4 inches, Aero tshirt,... my friend was wearing some brand green checkered boxers, idk what brand of jeans and a t-shirt, but he was saggin about 2 inches, the thing is his mom wont let him wear his jeans too low..so he pulls his boxers up high...its so cute...i think he's tryin to be like me or some other saggers he's tryin to look like...
  13. Anyone else into pits?

    well, depends on the guy, they can emit his scent, which can be great or foul, if he's not to hairy then fine... but like my best FB, he's slender, nice body, plenty of muscles, but not a beefcake, just a great teen body, i'll lick him all over, including his pits, cause he always smells good whether he's fresh out of football practice, just waking up or middle of the day...i dont think, theres a spot above his ankles my tongue hasn't touched...but while he's on breeding me, i like to lick his pits, chest and neck, drives him crazy... but i think a really hairy pit would be gross...
  14. I used to shave it to, but it doesn't say smooth as long, but i received the advice years ago from my oldest bro, if you shave take a warm bath first, make sure the bathroom is warm, even use a heater, you dont want your sac to draw up inside...so the warm soak will relax the sac, and make it more easy to work with, and less succeptible(?spelling?) to getting cut, like stated above be sure you have time, and can be un disturbed, half shaved, sounds about as much fun as cutting while shaving.... You can use it anywhere, well stear clear of the backdoor of course, trim all the hair short first then follow the directions precisely, no more than 10 mins even if your hair is really thick and stiff...they also make a nair for men, with a roll on applicator, but i always bypassed it, cause you end up wasting alot of it that way...just follow the directions on the bottle. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING(AT THE END)- DO NOT RUB, GENTLY REMOVE WITH SOFT DAMP CLOTH FIRST, THEN USE A SHOWER MASSAGER, SHOWER, OR GENTLY RUNNING WATER... TO WASH THE REST AWAY. DO NOT RUB ~~~ DO NOT RUB ~~~ DO NOT RUB...
  15. i trim with scissors and or electric razor then nair, i like being smooth, it last for days, but i'm a bottom, and my "friends" like it...if you use nair, follow the directions to the T, dont rub it,