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    hell on earth. it has 2 b
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    well, i was born, aged a little then went to school. got out n now i'm tryin 2 survive.
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    hot saggin' n saggers, railroad operation, tv production
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    wotevr it take 2 make a buck

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  1. What happened with you mate! You not been on in like forever!!

  2. Hey mate!! Been a while since i said hello lol! So "Hello" :P How are ya? Hope all is ok :D

  3. hey you in pittsburgh?

    1. bbshortsguy


      I am in Pittsburgh

  4. yup! tried, but can't get that doubled-up.

  5. have you tried to suck it ?

  6. n u can suck ur own c**k? lucky dude!! i am so jealous . . .

  7. makes GOOD sense - (unless u would really kinda like to know a person . . . but u still can't change for him/her - ur YOU!
  8. ummm . . . i'm guessin' ur kinda new to the sagging "art" and, like most of us have been, are a little self-conscious about how you THINK you may look to others. Don't worry about it. The bottom line is: u have 2 do wot ur happy/comfortable with. so. u think u get along better without a belt, but still, ur worried about ur jeans falling down. #1 - remember that pulling ur jeans up now and then can be a requirement of sagging. (Think about it - it also happens a lot if you're not sagging). #2 - Belts are adjustable. They can also look hot. Find the place where u want the pants at this tim
  9. dude! u gotta make a lil profile album with that pic ur using as the avatar! That looks totally hot/awesome/wicked n i wanna b able to add it to my "hot saggin' looks file!

  10. i don't worry much about what other people do as long as it does (or will) not affect me personally. if they'e good looking and/or sport a hot sag the fact that they do a line, smoke a joint or whatever doesn't change they way they look. in fact, it can make them a little more intriguing to me.
  11. **** yeah - post sum pics 4 us!!

  12. I guess one gets used to it, and then likes it - as evidenced by the large number of pics i've seen in which the guy taking it has a raging hard on snd big smile on his face - some even with the guy cumming. Then, there are the guys who will sit down on a c**k going up their hole. They must like something about it! Never experienced any of it (yet?)
  13. H BD, cool dude!

  14. REALLY great pics dude!!! (course ya gotta have a great subject to make great pics . . . )

  15. Just a thought: don't make any "phony" moves just because you think people are starting to wonder. Let them wonder - if you do "cover-ups" now it'll make it just that much harder when you finally do (or have to) tell people . . .
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