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  1. Great profile pic mate thanks for visiting my profile 😊

  2. Check your messages

  3. who wants to do some sagging C2C now?

  4. who is up for C2C on skype now??

  5. who is up for C2C on skype now??

  6. Thanks man :) happy you like it ;) haha. Your albums are very hot too!!

  7. Thanks man :) happy you like it ;) haha. Your albums are very hot too!!

  8. hey man, loving the new album!! just as hot as the rest of them ;)

  9. nice sagging bro

    1. humpslot


      man u to, totally awesome albums!!

  10. Hey bro, what up? Where in aus r u?

  11. Hey fella thanks for the friend ad...ur pics are Hot! ;)

    1. humpslot


      no probs lukky and thx :) when u gonna get some pics up? ;)

    2. lukkyme


      Ur welcome..;) i'm gonna try get some pics up soon mate... i really need to living up my page! lol :)

    3. humpslot


      ah cool, cant wait!! lol yeh u do, lil bit empty i think haha

  12. damn man, really hot!!

  13. Thx for ur comment Avii, and i agree with Ohai, Hot new album!! ;)

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