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  1. What Shoes Does Everyone Rock

    Nike Shox.
  2. the man looks cool but we dont see near enough

  3. Where do you buy your clothes at

    Abercrombie of course! LOL
  4. Boxersarecool.net hacked?

    Was the boxersarecool.net website hacked? I logged on and it said it was. Anyone else have info on this? Thanks.
  5. Just wondering if anyone else here is not a fan of a baggy sag. For me, I like to wear stuff that fits just right and sag. I am not a fan of those long shirts and baggy pants. To be honest, that turns me off. Anyone else with me on this one?
  6. fingering?

    No, I don't.
  7. Introductions!

    Name: Matt Age: 15 Height: 5'0 Weight: 110 Sexuality: Undecided Style: Preppy, Casual (AE, Aero, Hollister, Abercrombie) Location: US