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  1. WetSaggerstyle


    really cool
  2. Summer sagging can´t wait.

  3. Hey,

    amazing new pics!!! Hot Diesel. Looks awesome on you!


  4. hot pics. like your belt! 

  5. cool wet sagging!!!! Thx for sharing!!!

    1. Miguel


      Thanks :)

      You are welcome :)

  6. Merry Christmas to all, we will get our presents tonight over here in Germany ;-)

  7. 1) I do really like you and I think your friends you have made like you, too. 2) You are definitely not too old, it´s just a number, people really do care too much about age, and classifying people by age is just crap. You are young at heart and in style, so don´t even think about tis age-factor. 3) You do absolutely belong here, because you r a great sagger, have a great style of sagging, have humor, are great contributor … so hope you will stay. 4) I really like your sense of humor, everybody should be respected, also if you don´t like his sense of humor. So it´s great to have you as an open minded contributor. What should be wrong on telling what you think. I like to read through your postings, they are funny and interesting. I have to apologise for sometimes just short repeats, but not being a native speaker of English, it ´s not so easy to find immediately the right words. So sorry for my mistakes, don´t feel hurt if something went wrong, it is no bad intention.
  8. WetSaggerstyle

    DSC00975 1

    great pic
  9. new album is up, like?

    1. CaptainPanther


      beautiful sag i love your style

  10. got some new adidas hightops

    1. CaptainPanther
    2. Lee249


      Mate, i totally love Adidas Hightops. You have great taste.

    3. WetSaggerstyle
  11. WetSaggerstyle

    Favorite Brand of Boxers or BBs?

    Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein
  12. blue and white striped boxer shorts, matching the sky

    1. Lee249


      Mmmm sounds HOT. Great description. Can we see? ;)

    2. CaptainPanther
  13. plaid boxer shorts; karierte Boxershort

    1. manniberlin


      Nice.. Nett... Will theyre be an album?

    2. WetSaggerstyle


      Jap, Album folgt bald mal ... ;-)


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