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  1. Summer sagging can´t wait.

  2. Hey,

    amazing new pics!!! Hot Diesel. Looks awesome on you!


  3. hot pics. like your belt! 

  4. cool wet sagging!!!! Thx for sharing!!!

    1. Miguel


      Thanks :)

      You are welcome :)

  5. frosty sagging day ...

  6. Merry Christmas to all, we will get our presents tonight over here in Germany ;-)

  7. 1) I do really like you and I think your friends you have made like you, too. 2) You are definitely not too old, it´s just a number, people really do care too much about age, and classifying people by age is just crap. You are young at heart and in style, so don´t even think about tis age-factor. 3) You do absolutely belong here, because you r a great sagger, have a great style of sagging, have humor, are great contributor … so hope you will stay. 4) I really like your sense of humor, everybody should be respected, also if you don´t like his sense of humor. So it´s great to have yo
  8. new album is up, like?

    1. CaptainPanther


      beautiful sag i love your style

  9. got some new adidas hightops

    1. CaptainPanther
    2. Lee249


      Mate, i totally love Adidas Hightops. You have great taste.

    3. WetSaggerstyle
  10. blue and white striped boxer shorts, matching the sky

    1. Lee249


      Mmmm sounds HOT. Great description. Can we see? ;)

    2. CaptainPanther
  11. plaid boxer shorts; karierte Boxershort

    1. manniberlin


      Nice.. Nett... Will theyre be an album?

    2. WetSaggerstyle


      Jap, Album folgt bald mal ... ;-)

  12. Today, I wear blue white red striped boxer shorts; heute trage ich eine blau weiß rot gestreifte Boxershort.

  13. today sagging black calvin klein

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