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    straight student/athlete. some kinks tho.... luv guys getting off on me and using my stuff... like my sweaty boxers and socks. any girls who want em are 1st in the queue. :s bit kinked wanking too =P be cool to talk to some guys / girls from the US my age esp. if you wanna sniff and wear my stuff =) mail me: myboxers09 [at] gmail. com get in touch. Adam
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    sport [tennis], fucking, music, fucking, travelling, sex.....
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  1. hey man.

    get in touch.

    want some boxers ?

  2. cool page man =P

    ur c**k looks almost a big as mine hehehe

  3. AdamBoxers

    When did you start jacking off?

    funny i didn't start with that - but i was doing it pretty soon after i started jacking with my hand... just as intense really.
  4. AdamBoxers

    When did you start jacking off?

    10. i was doing sexual things before but i didn't j.o properly til then. was told that's early but didn't feel like it at the time hehe

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