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  1. you look great sagging some of those trackies. Glad you're a UK lad :)

  2. Hey bru, I'm in London on Monday and Tuesday, u wanna hang out and sag together? 💪

  3. im not sure who your sagger friends were in your last album, but go follow them round with a camera more often haha. nice album!

    1. berlinsaggger


      I deffo would! But they are far away. The one guy lives another country. But don't worry, I'm looking forward to see him soon 😉

  4. what happened to your pics?

    1. afutoclo


      Sorry, deleted them a day when i wasn't feeling well and was doubting myself, kind of depressed... :-\ but will reupload most of them soon ;-)

    2. spiffo


      Glad you re-uploaded them. They are cool sag pics! Would love to go sagging some time!

  5. you're one of the best new saggers on here! love the sagging pics so far!

  6. thanks for the add! nice pics - super hot butt in those boxers but maybe too low for me. i like the real life sag pics ;)

    1. BeautifulSinner


      just thought ad get he ball rolling since am new, but thanks for the compliment :)

  7. would be great if you put some school type sagging pics up! i sag at uni and i love it lol

  8. great couple of albums! want to skype sometime? uksaggercamboy

  9. hey. like the candid pics! Be cool to skype sometime: uksaggercamboy

  10. hey :) you on Skype?

  11. hey 22 in uk. skype me :) uksaggercamboy

  12. still waiting for some of those new pics ... :(

  13. uksaggercamboy on skype - make sure u say u are a sagger in the invite bit :)

  14. your profile pic looks nice dude!

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